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Here Are All The Pokemon, Pokestops & Gyms You Can Find In Ikeja Via A Modified Google Map (Updated: Lekki Included)

Based on several requests sent using the comment section and the official mail, I have been looking to see if we can find all Pokemon, Pokestops & Gyms using Google Maps, fortunately, a Reddit user has saved the day. Although, you might need to know a bit of python and terminals in Mac. (Yes, it is only available to Mac users).  Which is why I am here 😀

MissTechy, at your service

MissTechy, at your service

I will be starting off with Ikeja and environs, but if you want me to display other areas in Nigeria, let me know in the comment section.


We have about 4 Pokestops in Ikeja, there is one at Country Club, GRA
pokestop in ikeja 34
Another beside Leadway Hotel, Maryland.
pokestop in ikeja 2
Another beside Adol House
pokestop in ikeja 3
Finally, we have one  located beside Adeyemi Bero Auditorium close to Ikeja City Mall.
Pokestop in ikeja


Unfortunately, we have only 1 Poke Gym which is located at Chapel Of Christ the Light

At y

At y


Well, we have many Pokemon in Ikeja, a lot actually, but like you must know, these Pokemon don’t stay permanently in a position, so telling you their location now would be futile.
pokestop nigera
Well, that is a wrap people. All the Pokestops & Gym in Ikeja.
UPDATE: 21st July 2016.


We have a Pokestop at Chris Madueke Dr.
There is also one at Admiralty Way (E) beside RCCG
Lekki Central Mosque is also sporting a Pokestop.
Not sure of this location, but it seems to be on Professor Kiumi Akingbehin St.
We have one beside RCCG along Yesuf Abiodun Way.
pokestop lekki
Finally, there is a Lured pokestop at Civic Center.
Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 7.25.17 PM
Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any Gyms in Lekki.


77 comments on “Here Are All The Pokemon, Pokestops & Gyms You Can Find In Ikeja Via A Modified Google Map (Updated: Lekki Included)

  1. Ayotunde says:

    Hi! Nice info! thanks! I have been playing on my Android and have run out of Pokeballs? I stay at Lekki and was wondering if you have any info of Pokeshops and Gyms in Lekki area.
    Thanks 🙂
    – Ayo

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol, there are actually many Pokestops in Lekki, I’d update this article in a bit

      1. Ayotunde says:

        ah thanks! waiting for the updated article 😀

      2. Eloka says:

        When pls I’m waiting

  2. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. Anonymous says:

      check pokemongoingeria on instagram and pokemongo_naija on twitter

  3. Viklin says:

    When I finally catch one of em…can I fry em, or use them to do asun? Reply asap Tobi

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Of course, you can fry them and even eat them alongside your favorite Nigerian dish, that is the whole point of the game.

      1. Viklin says:

        Lol…never loved Pokemon… However, you guys should play with caution. I heard it’s addictive!

  4. Stiiz says:

    Do Lekki Phase 1! I’m already a level 3 poke trainer and I’ve caught like 7 pokemons sha (all while walking from Phase 1 gate down thru Admiralty way). I’m waiting for your next update on this tho

  5. Derah says:

    Hi. I need pokestop locations in Enugu please. Thank you

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      You might need to be more specific with the location.

      1. Derah says:

        GRA, Enugu state, Nigera

  6. Wizy says:

    Pokemon is gradually taking over the Internet with its addictive nature. Pls play with caution ⚠ oo before you get addicted.
    Love the game though.
    Commenting from WizyTechs.Com

  7. Victor Molokwu says:

    I love the buzz that Pokemon go is generating, a big life line for Nintendo…
    meanwhile a tweet I came across y’day said” Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa on Pokemon Go.
    Thank God we live in a secular country, erm sorry I meant a secular state in Nigeria

  8. Istifanus Israel says:

    Nice work.

  9. Istifanus Israel says:

    Nice work. Keep it up

  10. Uncle Fola says:

    Update for Surulere players: There are two pokestops. The first is at the National Stadium while the second is at a Methodist church closeby. No gym here either.

  11. Chase says:

    I need a map miss techy I stay at Abule egba..

  12. Stark says:

    Level 8 player and is there just one gym in Ikeja? Discovered two of the 3 or 4 pokestops already… Really looking forward to getting Easter eggs… Nice job

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Sadly just one gym for now. But I will be on the look out and update this post accordingly

      1. Anonymous says:

        There are about 6 – 7 gyms in CMS.

      2. Uncle Fola says:

        There are about 6 – 7 gyms in CMS – Lagos Island. and almost 12 pokestops.

  13. Dmistigen says:

    Please I need a map in Abeokuta and Ogbomoso Lautech

  14. Ajayi Nifemi says:

    whats the highest Pokemon trainer level in Nigeria?

    1. Bolu Okunaiya says:

      Highest I’ve seen so far is 36

  15. Thanks for the info…
    Currently in UK, but We own FuZion Fitness Centre / Sacred Artistry near to the protea hotel in Ikeja so very useful info for us.

  16. Indy Ekpe says:

    There’s a gym at e-centre mall in yaba. A pokestop at All saints church and a second church in yaba (can’t remember the name, methodist I think)

  17. Indy Ekpe says:

    The huge church near the international airport in ikeja is also a pokestop. If anyone knows of any gym or pokestops around isolo/okota area. Please update

  18. Chummy says:

    Please are there any pokestops or gyms in New-layout, Enugu? Am a level 4 with over 12 Pokemons and 7 pokedex but I really need a pokestop or gym anywhere within Enugu metropolis. I live in Enugu campus and work in Okpara Avenue so I cover a long distance from my house to my workplace so please if u can help me with a location I will be really grateful.

    1. Derah says:

      I think no one played ingress in Enugu that’s why we don’t have a pokestop or gyms. I’m on level 6 and I’ve had to buy pokemon balls.. It’s becoming boring actually.

  19. Tayo says:

    Please i need a pokemon gym on the island

    1. Uncle Fola says:

      There are a lot of gyms and stops in cms.

      1. Uche Azinge says:

        thanks, but how about giving some exact locations 🙂

        1. Uncle Fola says:

          LOL. There’s no need for me to give you tbh because once you stop at Cms bustop you’ll see a ton of them. Anyways, Cathedral church of Christ is a gym. I can’t upload pictures here tho.

          1. Tayookoya says:

            Go to adeola odeku, theres a gym there

  20. Uche Azinge says:

    Hi miss techy, i actually thought i was the only one playing pokemon go until i found your blog. Thanks for the info. I play on an iPhone, I’m currently on level 9. i live in V/I and i know most of the pokestops around here: eko hotel, muri okunola park, civic centre, church of the assumption falomo, city of david church oniru, and the ones in lekki phase 1. however i have not seen a single gym on the island, be it v/i, ikoyi or lekki and that’s so frustrating to me because i have 93 pokemon at the moment and i haven’t been able to train or fight against any one. Anyway i just thought i should rant to you. it’s not like you’re now going to put a gym on the island for me or something lol.
    Keep it coming with the updates

    1. Uncle Fola says:

      Hello. There are about 5 – 6 gyms in Cms – Lagos Island. From Cathedral church of christ to racecourse. st peters church faaji.
      And your level 93 pokemon is no match for the bad boys in those gyms lol. Even i with my level 402 Psyduck got my ass wiped. But come around and try your luck.

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

        Thanks, Uncle Fola for the response. @Uche Azinge Lol @put a gym on the island for me. Like Uncle Fola said, Marina is the best destination when it comes to Pokegyms and stops.

      2. Uche Azinge says:

        No Uncle Fola, I meant I have 93 pokemon in total, 50 of which are unique (confusingly the plural of pokemon is pokemon). But yeah i won’t be surprised if I got an ass whooping as well after all i haven’t trained any of my pokemon so they’re all still pretty weak. Now that i know though i’ll come around and see for myself.

        1. Uncle Fola says:

          As with the words deer and sheep, the singular and plural forms of the word “Pokémon” do not differ, nor does each individual species name; in short, it is grammatically correct to say both “one Pokémon” and “many Pokémon”
          And do you care to specify which unique Pokémon you have? 3 -4 would suffice.

      3. Tayookoya says:

        Uncle fola, what you saying? I live on the island & I need to join the gym you go too

        1. Uncle Fola says:

          You don’t have to go to the same gym i go to but you can’t battle without going to a gym. I’m just telling you where the gyms are. The game is boring without gyms.

      4. Samuel says:

        Why would you think that a lvl 402 would stand a chance

    2. Mz C-me says:

      There is a gym on Kofo Abayomi street.

  21. Tayookoya says:

    Please can we make a pokemon group chat or something?? Cause all this information is quite helpful?

    1. oludamilare says:

      you create the group, I’m in ..request mobile numbers and set it up?

  22. Pokemongonigeria says:

    Check out Pokemongonigeria on Instagram or Pokemongo_naija for all Pokemon update

  23. Toby says:

    Pls can you help out with locations of pokestops and gyms in IBADAN thanks

  24. Toby says:

    I have caught 6 pokemon already in Felele area of challenge but the thing is that I don’t think Google Map works well in IBADAN cause I see pokemons without foot prints n still I can’t locate them

  25. shinigami says:

    Hey trainers, just to put it out there, but I work at 1004 vi and the spawn rate of rare pokemon is alarming there, check it out whenever you are in the area.

  26. shinigami says:

    i saw a charmander,omanyte, pikachu, vulpix pinicer, haunter, slowpoke I even saw a primeape, but things are difficult when you’re just a level 7 trainer. I was awake around 2 a.m yesterday and some Nidoqueen spawned around my area. can someone shed light on this

  27. Tobi says:

    Hi.. please, I need to find a gym near University of Ibadan.. Thank you!!!

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Unfortunately, after the last Pokemon update, this method failed to work 🙁

    2. Anonymous says:

      check pokemongoingeria on instagram and pokemongo_naija on twitter

  28. jade austine says:

    ill also like to add that there are two poke-stops close to the airport which are the catholic church and the musk which are on the same road. also the international airport in Lagos is a gym and sadly team valor is leading the gym (#teammystic). hope this helps


    hi, every time i try to get poke- coins with my card it says declined. is there any other way to do this or do i need to keep trying?

    1. Anonymous says:

      I tried getting poke coins through app store and play store but none worked. From what I heard, cbn has stopped banks from transacting with those kind of operators. Not sure how true it is. But I used about 5 different banks and none worked

      1. Derah says:

        Gtb debit card works. I’ve used it several times.

        1. Anonymous says:

          When last did you use it? Cos as it a week ago, Gtb wasn’t working either. Their customer care agent told me all gtb cards had been stopped

          1. Derah says:

            2 weeks ago.

          2. BABAJIDE FALASE says:

            i even tried mine a feew minites ago and they informed me that both zenith and ecobank have stopped international transactions

          3. Derah says:

            Uba Mastercard works too

  30. Maro says:

    I’m looking for pokestops and gyms in Satellite Town and Festac, Lagos. Please I will appreciate any info you have on that

  31. Maro says:

    I’m looking for pokestops and gyms in Satellite Town and Festac, Lagos. Please I will appreciate any info you have on that

    1. Pokemongonigeria says:

      Check our Instagram page Pokemongonigeria or Twitter pokemongo_naija

  32. Midasbaba says:

    Any team Instinct in the house..?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yup. #teammystic.

      1. jade austine says:

        team mystic all the way

  33. rilwan says:

    i actually identified all the pokestops and gyms in lagos and would willingly share the info if u need it. just hit me up @real001 on twitter. see u pokehunting.

  34. Cyrus The Pete says:

    Ok On Lagos Island Marina. These are the locations of all the Gyms and Pokestops
    1. Holy cross Cathedral.-Gym
    2. First Baptist Church – Gym
    3. The Cathedral Church of Christ- Gym
    4. Freedom Park – Stop
    5. Yoruba Elder Eleganza Building -Stop
    6. St Peter’s Church Faji – Stop
    7. Sango Statue. PHCN building -Stop
    8.Statue of Herbert Macaulay Css Bookshop House. – Stop
    9. E-libary – Stop
    10. Methodist Church of the Trinity Tinubu – Stop.
    11. Eagles and Horses on Eagles Square – Stop
    Hope It helps anyone in need.
    N.B all the Gyms are controlled by Team Mystic (Blue)

    1. Gabriel says:

      ha u guys are weak o I’m a level22player and my cousin is lvl 21 we have up to a 1570 which we gave proffesor and um miss techy I have a gym near my estate (Santos layout Akowonjo) and several pokestops message me @09099387007 for the location

  35. Gabriel says:

    ha u guys are weak o I’m a level22player and my cousin is lvl 21 we have up to a 1570 pokemon which we gave proffesor and um miss techy I have a gym near my estate (Santos layout Akowonjo) and several pokestops message me @09099387007 for the location

  36. MARIO CRUZ says:

    I am a level 5 Pokemon trainer and I live at lekki phase 2 is there any pokestop or gym near me.

  37. oludamilare says:

    hello! @ miss techy
    I’ll be so glad if you find time to reply on this comment
    following your”miss techy at your service” rotflmao
    please I need pokéstops and pokégyms in ijebu ode, Ogun state and Akure, ondo state

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