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KickAss Torrent Owner Has Been Arrested, Domains Seized.

If you are trying to access or any of Kickass domains, chances are you are going to meet a dead end, this is because the law has finally caught up  with it. The man in charge, a 30-year-old Artem Vaulin was arrested by the US authorities yesterday.
According to the press release issued by the Department of Justice, Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell was quoted as saying, “In an effort to evade law enforcement, Vaulin allegedly relied on servers located in countries around the world and moved his domains due to repeated seizures and civil lawsuits. His arrest in Poland, however, demonstrates again that cyber criminals can run, but they cannot hide from justice.”
KAT-copy-640x325Artem will be charged in the US and could face a maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment. The conspiracy to commit money laundering charge is punishable by up to 20 years. As at the time of his arrest, they claim Artem had an annual advertising revenue of more than $16 million per year.
What will happen to The same thing that happened to Piratebay. However, if there is one thing we can learn from the past years, it’s that when there is a will, there’ll be a way and we might have another a KAT alternative coming up.


9 comments on “KickAss Torrent Owner Has Been Arrested, Domains Seized.

  1. Victor Molokwu says:

    Story reminds me of the Travails of KimDotCom…
    $16M in revenue? Hmm na Big boy be this oo

  2. Butterfly says:

    Wow. Site proved useful for a long time though.

  3. Code says:

    Like seriosly , i will miss

    1. Titi says:

      Same here ?? but at least we have other torrent providers. So ??

    2. Oluwasegun says:

      Sorry Bro Code not Kickass .com it’s

  4. Israel istifanus says:

    OMG I will miss this guy ooo kickass and piratebay are my favorite site and app that I love downloading movies on now that they are all in prison what will I do? Pls if any body know a place where I can download movies for free pls I will glad of you help me with it. Thanks, peace am out misstech I love ? you and thanks.

  5. Harrie says:

    Eeesh, moving on to

    1. says:

      thepiratebay has me now.

  6. Lewis says:

    BitTorrent to the rescue

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