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Globacom Sacks 54 Power Engineers For No Apparent Reason.

Working for a Telecom company like Globabcom definitely has its own perks, but what happens when the Company sacks you for no apparent reason? In a move that can be considered as arbitrary and capricious, Globacom has on Friday sacked 54 of its power engineers across the country. Furthermore, as at the time of this report, the company has yet to give any statement regarding the unfortunate development.
According to Punch, the workers who were sacked received an official notification from the company that it no longer needed their services. The letter which was uncovered by Punch read:

“This serves to inform you that your services are no longer required by Globacom Limited.Consequently, you are advised to report to the Human Resources Manager, Globacom Manpower Services Limited, the outsourcing company, with immediate effect. You are also expected to hand over all company property (including SIM card, company ID, etc) issued to you during the course of your services with us. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”

By the way, one of the sacked workers who has worked for the company for 7 years had this to say.

“Globacom has gained notoriety in the industry over cases of poor remuneration, slaving working conditions and arbitrary rewards and punishment systems or procedures.

“Globacom is a place where the bosses are involved in all kinds of deals to make money and sacrifice the junior staffs to cover up their tracks,” disclosed another staff who pleaded not to be named for fear of being sacked.”

Like earlier stated, no official reason was given by the Globacom management for the sack.


5 comments on “Globacom Sacks 54 Power Engineers For No Apparent Reason.

  1. Molokwu Victor says:

    The speed of the sack is faster than their internet speed…..Slo with pride!

    1. Noni says:

      Lol, you are cruel nah

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    That’s not fair at all, but maybe they have a reason but still not fair ..

  3. Deyvid says:

    There’s no logical reason whatsoever for sacking 54 power engineers.. we’d probably be notified if at all, with a cock and bull story soon…

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