So, I Tried Playing Pokémon Go In a Moving Car. Yes, In Lagos Nigeria.

If you have not heard about Pokémon Go in the past week or days, please, what village are you from, again? The game which has captivated the attention of millions has been on an upward spiral. However, it isn’t available in Nigeria yet. But did I let that stop me? ……. Of course not.
I used a VPN and cleared my Google play cache to download it, but honestly, you can just go ahead to APK mirror (A very reliable APK archive). It is harmless and malware-free  (I used that method for my other device). Anyway, after downloading, I couldn’t find any Pokemon to capture at home or the office.


Is this life?

They were around me, alright, but far from where I stayed which meant I had to walk a long mile. Yes, I know that the game is all about walking and finding Pokemon, but I couldn’t let one game make me lose all the flesh I struggled to gain. So, I chilled till I was invited to a press event at Lekki and yup I found them while in the car.

My Joy after seeing Pokemon in Lagos.

The only problem was, it was either the car was moving too fast thereby making me miss a Pokemon or it was too slow, but I caught two Pokemon around Civic Center and Lekki Toll Gate.
Another thing that made me almost pull my braids out was when I saw potential Pokestops at places that were so far away, there was one at Tafewa Balewa Square
Pokemon go Nigeria 2
At Muri Okunola Park
Pokemon go Nigeria 5
To name a few.
Unfortunately, the car wasn’t headed towards those directions 🙁
Would I have seen all these without being in a moving car? I don’t know cos I didn’t find out because I can’t go for long walks because I would become slimmer if I did.
(Hey, don’t you dare give me this? look ?)
Was this frustrating as hell? You bet it was.
Would I play it again?
Sadly, this shii is addicting, you would always want to see if there is a Pokemon around you. So yeah for every time I go out, Pokemon Go it is.
I really can’t wait for it to be OFFICIALLY available in Nigeria, so we can have more Pokemon to capture. However, something tells me it’s going to take a while to get here. #Fingerscrossed.


91 comments on “So, I Tried Playing Pokémon Go In a Moving Car. Yes, In Lagos Nigeria.

  1. ayokunmi says:

    loool tobi o having flesh definitely beat finding pokemon anyday

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      LOL thanks for understanding my Struggle.

  2. ayokunmi says:

    no pokemon on the main land *sad*

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      There are, I saw about 4 popping in the grass, but you would need to walk and walk and walk……..

      1. #WTFGANG says:

        I found alot in Surulere though i have like 9 the only problem is Pokestops and i dont think there are any PokeGyms

        1. Simdie says:

          Yes there are Gyms we share these info’s on our FB page: Pokemon Go Nigeria

        2. Sophie says:

          Please where in Surulere because the only places I’ve seen poke stops are Methodist churches and this old amusement park at costain

          1. Anonymous says:

            There is one in teslim stadium

          2. Vaporeon says:

            Old amusement park? Do you mean National Theatre

    2. Tunde says:

      The game is epic literally jumped out my cat and walked it the middle of the road for a nidoran

    3. Ted says:

      I have actually encountered a lot of Pokemon. I work on the mainland and while sitting at my desk in the office I have caught a ton of them (with great variety too).
      The only thing I think we are seriously lacking is PokeStops. Protea Hotel which was a stop 2 days ago is now no longer a stop and now the closest one is Lagos Country Club. Besides those 2, I haven’t seen any in the G.R.A, Ikeja area.

      1. Simdie says:

        There are quite a few Pokestops at ikeja: Adeyemi BERO Auditorium, Lagos Secretariat central Mosque, Chapel of Christ the light church, we share these sort of info in our FB community:

      2. Anonymous says:

        Can’t find anything in ilupeju

    4. Anonymous says:

      Yaba, my friend is a heaven for Pokemon

      1. Especially Sabo. There are two Pokestops and one Gym between St Dominics and Sabo

    5. anonymous says:

      i live on the mainland found sighted up to 30 pokemons and have 19 but sadly no pokeballs left.

  3. Victor Molokwu says:

    The whole world is excited bout Pokemon Go , News says Nintendo shares spiked after the release of PG..
    Would have gotten the apk but misstechy’s tales of long walks is scary..
    I no follow.

    1. Timini says:

      .. but you can always use your car to drive instead of walking.

      1. titi says:

        Dude that just spells joblessness.

      2. Simdie says:

        Depends on what you’re doing in the game, e.g you can drive to a pokestop to get pokeballs, find common pokemons around or any of the games special stuff, however to hatch your own special pokemon need to walk depending on the kind of Pokemon..weak pokemons you walk up to 2km, stronger pokemons you may walk up to 10km, your phone’s GPS can tell if your in a car or bike so it won’t count for you in-game.

  4. titi says:

    MissTechy, I laughed a lot while reading this article. I think we have opposite situations. For me, I wouldn’t mind using Pokemon Go cos I need to lose weight.

    1. Simdie says:

      Not every really needs to walk in pokemon go, there are 3 teams, with 3 different specialties, Team Blue are specialists in pokemon evolution, Team Red are specialists in Strength, battles, conquering gyms, team yellow are specialists in hatching special pokemon eggs, this entails walking for a distance of 2km to 10km depending on how strong the pokemon you are about to hatch.

  5. Hello miss techy..please am confused as hell…am just hearing this pokemon of a thing for the first time…what is this polemon all about. First of all, let someone tell me the meaning of pokemon

    1. Emeh Henry says:

      Pachino boy

    2. PokemonFan says:

      Well, Pokemon is a cartoon that was a smash hit in the early 90’s. The story is about a young boy who found a pokemon called pikachu and the travel the world battling and defeating other pokemon trainers. The idea is to be the best, ironically, the theme song is also about being the best.
      you can go to for more infp

    3. Butterfly says:

      You didn’t watch TV as a kid, did you?

  6. PokemonFan says:

    There are loads on the main land. I average about 5 catches everyday and I am not a heavy user. Caught 3 on my way to work today alone. Fabulous game I might add.
    And @MissTechy nice article

  7. Obi says:

    I’ve been playing for about 5 days in Abuja and there isn’t a single pokestop near me. The only one I’ve seen is at the airport. But I’ve caught over 100. And here comes people in the comments “You must be jobless” ” Guy you have time” But I’ve been a fan since I was a kid.

    1. Titi says:

      Okay since you have said it wouldn’t hurt to say it again. Guy you are jobless m ??? ..but I totally understand sha.

    2. Kay says:

      LOL!! at the airport!!??
      Trust me, even when you get to the airport, you’ll need to get on a plane. – The pokestop is overseas!!! 😆 😆

      1. Chase says:

        Christ this caught me .. Traveling to overseas for pokestops??

    3. Joseph says:

      NCC Towers is a pokestop if you are around Maitama. Also the Catholic Church there is a pokestop

    4. Simdie says:

      Hi we have a community on FB where we share stuffs like these
      Here are some abuja pokestops:
      This Day Dome (kur mohammed Ave)
      The City Library (by herbert Macaulay way)
      National Arts and Crafts center (by sani abacha way)
      Shehu shagari way park
      Abuja central Mosque
      (NOTE: Any of these could be GYMs as well)

  8. Olushola says:

    Lol.. This Pokemon of a thing is really fascinating, I would still wait till it get launched in Nigeria..

  9. Anonymous says:

    Shiiiiiiiddd. I’ve been warning peeps left and right about this game. Today, I saw one babe playing it in a Keke. She actually found one and ask the Keke Man to stop and gave him 500 for a 20 naira ride and she didn’t ask for change. I’m now a Keke Driver in PH for the mean time

    1. Dayveed says:

      Seriously a pokemon in oh?

  10. V... says:

    Hey….Are you guys having issues logging in or is it just me??….

    1. Paul Abiola says:

      I haven’t had an issue since I installed it thanks to MissTechy. Are you sure you downloaded it from the right source?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Am in, thanks…..It was just netwrk ish. Caught 3 Pokémon aiidy joined last night

  11. Eggguy says:

    Please, can you guys tell me where the pokestops on the mainland are?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      This comment does justice to your question

      The only thing I think we are seriously lacking is PokeStops. Protea Hotel which was a stop 2 days ago is now no longer a stop and now the closest one is Lagos Country Club. Besides those 2, I haven’t seen any in the G.R.A, Ikeja area.

      1. Eggguy says:

        Wow, thanks a lot. And I suppose there are no gyms too.
        I just came in from the Uk yesterday and I have been playing the game since the 8th because I downloaded it using a US apple account I created. I am on level 13 and the game is really good. There are loss of cool Pokemon here but no pokestops, and now I am running out of pokeballs.

        1. Chinedu Diribe says:

          Download an app called mock locations. You can use it to spoof ur location and place urself back into the UK. That way u can find ur poke balls again.

  12. Eggguy says:

    It seems that all of you here are keen to play the game, it can be downloaded using all mirror or by creating a fake US apple account.
    However, we need more pokestops to stock up on pokeballs, especially as there are so many different and cool Pokemon here. Lodge your complaint here and try to focus on them making more pokestops. You can get an image and address for a place on Google. Also, maybe it would be better if you say you have come from abroad and are on holiday

    1. Titi says:

      Hey Egg guy lol .. don’t you think this might not bode well for Nigerians If you make a complain since we aren’t supposed to be playing it in the first place.

      1. Eggguy says:

        I understand your point, but that’s why I said you should say you’ve come from abroad (a country where it is available) and come here for holidays, but you aren’t able to continue due to lack of pokestops.

  13. Moronke says:

    Hello, i use an android phone, how do i download? Step by step please 🙂

    1. Eggguy says: This should work, remember to use the link in my comment to get as many people as possible to have pokestops and gyms created in Lagos

    2. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Moronke,
      What country do you reside? If Nigeria, then you might want to download the apk from APK mirror (Like I said, it is one of the most trusted APK archive), the link is in the article.
      Next, just install like you would for any app.
      It would ask for you to register using either your GMAIL account or a new sign up on their platform, I’d go with using the Gmail account, once that is done, you are in!
      P.S. You would need to switch on your GPS when playing this game. Hope that helps?

      1. I Am So Proud Of You, And Your Blog.
        Very Exciting To Read.
        More Grease To Your Elbow Miss Toby Ayeni.

        1. Tobi Ayeni says:

          Thank you so much, Israel. I am humbled ??

          1. asugh says:

            i will definitely download and try this game

  14. dubiousduby says:

    im trying the annoying game in enugu

  15. Noni says:

    I’ve been having problems logging in, even early in the morning. when it works, it works very well, but it froze at least three times when I’d captured a Pokemon. Had to restart again. Darn addicts making it difficult for us ordinary people to play 😀
    Only play in a car or bus when traffic is slow, otherwise you need to be very quick to collect from pokestops. Am I the only one who reads the historical information about some of these stops? I find it fascinating; a game and a bit of history about the location.

  16. Simdie says:

    I’m a fan of PokemonGo but I prefer looking beyond the game to the tech (Augmented Reality), once you understand it you’ll see lots of opportunities, however since this blog post is about PokemonGo, ill stick to the game, currently small businesses are making fortunes from having their businesses located beside pokestops, people are actually meeting people, and having an escape from their busy lives, I’ve seen families catching pokemon together and it’s not weird at all. The key is to be safe, you don’t have to be directly in front of a pokestop to access it, most pokestops are on located on pedestrian walks, you can be a few metres away and access it, pokemons are everywhere, there’s no need to endanger yourself catching one in front of an okada. Find a safe pokespot, use a lure module at a pokestop and pokemons will be spawned all around you for 30mins. People who don’t understand how the tech works are the ones saying it won’t work in nigeria, Technology drives a nation and not the other way round. Its not about pokemonGo, the craze is about the technology, first of its kind. Several other Apps will latch unto Augmented reality and you could be medical student having a virtual/Augmented reality class while walking your dog, The rest world is moving on. Nigeria has to catch on quick. Btw here’s our FB community page:

  17. eL says:

    Hi Tobi,
    Thanks to d link u provided, I was able to install pokémon Go on my device. However, after I create an avatar, it doesn’t load beyond that point. Sometimes, it just says servers are down.
    My question is, Do I also need VPN to play d game?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi El,
      Reports have it that Pokemon servers are down at the moment, so it might be the reason. You can wait for a bit or try clearing cache and re-login

  18. Chinedu says:

    Honestly, I’ve been almost run over thrice by a car and gotten cussed out by people for not watching where I was going. All in the name of playing Pokémon go. And all I’ve found and collected is 6 Pokémons. Haven’t seen a single pokestop so some of u r actually very lucky.

  19. Deyvid says:

    Lolss.. All this is so hilarious.. No puns intended.. what if you find a poke stop on a moving truck or on water.. U turn Jesus?? I’ll give it a try tho lol.. I need funny stories like this to tell my friends and grand kids if I get the chance..

  20. Bisola says:

    Lol.una well done oh.

  21. DKD says:

    My cousin just sent me this Link. Nice Article. Love the pic arts (memes) and the humour. Very helpful comments from people in the comment section too, thanks guys.
    Tobi I’m impressed with how tech savvy you are, and ofcourse your writing prowess. Don’t lose the weight, literally!

  22. Soki Briggs says:

    I just started playing Yesterday and already on Level 7. Got the app by creating a new Apple ID with Country set as USA with US Phone number.
    With the help of Hoverboard, i’ve been able to safely cover more ground and reach far places in Bonny Island, RV.
    Can’t wait for the official Launch in Nigeria so i can finally kick some major ass with this impressive Pokedex.
    Great article by the way, Hope to be like you when i grow up.

  23. Anonymous says:

    wow I never thought there will be people who like Pokemon

  24. Anonymous says:

    wait are there Pokemon in Abuja?

  25. Chinedu says:

    Ermmmm, some may consider this a cheat but I don’t. I’d like the permission of misstechy to post a way to get pokestop and gyms easily. Mind you, these gyms/pokestop change constantly. Not usually the same place for long but then u can check out locations different places easily

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Jerry says:

    you know as the pokemon fever continues to trend, some people has started thinking of ways to make money from it, I hope they bring it officially to Nigeria very soon

  28. Chase says:

    Pokemon is a cool game I played it for the first time yesterday the game setup was easy and I found my first Pokemon.. People are making cool money from it by selling Pokemon accounts with height levels to those who wants to rank… Nice post miss techy!!

  29. Chinedu says:

    Download mock location on ur android phone. Run the game, minimize, then open the mock location. Set ur position to where u wanna be, preferably a location in the US. Then quickly return to the game. U will find urself in the midst of numerous pokestops and gym. No need to enter a car or hoverboard anymore.

    1. Titi says:

      Guy I tried your method.. didn’t work.. ?

      1. Chinedu Diribe says:

        Sorry, I forgot to mention that ur phone must be rooted oo. That might be the issue. Plus I also have xposed installed on my phone.
        By the way, when u set ur position, u have to press the green play button and set the time u want to remain in that position.

        1. Titi says:

          Sigh.. don’t think I want to root my phone because of Pokemon. Edakun the obsession has not yet reach that stage

  30. Bartitsu says:

    Lekki Phase 1 is jam packed with Pokemon. Myself and my daughter went out for a 15 minute stroll and she caught ten and we visited a pokestop as well. Grail center Lekki phase 1 is a poke stop. And that’s just two blocks we covered.

  31. Simply SAMAD says:

    I’m hooked on the game. Can’t help it really and a lot of things have happened so far. For instance, I started playing a week ago and I have captured 57 Pokemon’s as at this morning. Best part, I received a call from the BBC yesterday requesting an interview with me on my experience playing Pokémon Go. What was supposed to be a 15-minute interview ended up becoming a chat that lasted over 2 hours. I blew the BBC correspondent’s mind. You need to see me talk about the game. You would think I’m crazy.

  32. Godspower says:

    would really love to try this game wow hehehe am kinda confuse about this pokestops or so and do they make money from this game or what? Saw post of people saying selling pokemon.

  33. May says:

    Lovely article! I played around Lekki/Ikoyi. Check my review here.

  34. Nene says:


  35. evans says:

    In abuja area 3 park and central bank of Nigeria are my gym domain, and my church (Our lady queen of nigeria area 3), abuja central mosque, catholic church after CBN are my pokestop

    1. Mtaitanium says:

      Evans read my post.. The target of this Demonic game includes scrapping religion, people that have never been to a house of worship have turned up because of this Pokemon game and not to serve their Lord.. The most pokes tops are Places of worship, monumental places etc.. Ask your self why?

  36. Tosinbells says:

    Looool. There’re lots of Pokémons on the mainland. I caught two under Ikeja bridge yesterday and six on my way to work this morning. I even caught a water-type right in the office ?.

  37. Jorg says:

    Wow!!!. Pokemon Go fever everywhere. Like you said, i too think its going to take a while for it to be official in the country. Nice article by the way.

  38. Mtaitanium says:

    We Nigerians need to keep re-analysing and re- considering the types of movement (vices) we identify with. The “Poket monster” “Pokemon” game is an evil game. This is wired coming from a lvl15 player with 168 Pokemon in his collection, But I joined for research purposes. From the characters (Ash and friends) to the actual monsters and the type of energy they use to evolve etc, all carry demonic sign and meanings. This is a Massive mind control and inductrinatory event, this is what u sign urself, your kids and your loved ones up for. Service to the devil..
    Remember the catch phrase? ” Gotta catch em all”? Yup catch vulnerable children, teenagers and gullible adults, turn their minds into vegetable and make them serve the devil..
    In the past around 618 children in Japan were hospitalised from watching an episode of of Pokemon on to. The cause is still unknown and that episode has been banned..

  39. olapoke says:

    I noticed that there are no pokestops in Abj although there are pokemon everywhere. BTW I have been unable to play for some days now because there is an update available and I’ve been unable to update cos the app is technically not available yet. Has anyone been able to update the app? Pls share how to if you have. Nice write up misstechy.

    1. Anonymous says:

      for those that wants the latest version of the PokemonGo click this link below.

    2. Foluso Awolaja says:

      if you are interested with the PokemonGo app to aid movement hit me up with a message and i will put you through…. The Process is a technical but it wont take time.

  40. Foluso Awolaja says:

    hi Tobi and everyone, there is a trick to Pokemon Go in Nigeria, all you nid to do is download an app that makes your phone think it is on the move while you could be practically lying down in your bed.
    Thats what i Have been using and at the moment i am on level 10. I practically reach the island from satellite town where i leave all just on my bed.

  41. Enoma Oni-Edigin says:

    at least you live in Lagos with pokestop , I live in Benin and teh only 1 is at Uniben, which is far away, and I keep seeing Ratatas and pidgeys MTCHEW, but I was able to get A Pikachu and Eevee, lucky me

  42. Enoma Oni-Edigin says:

    oh and by the way, for those of you noobs bringing up a conspiracy about the game pokestop locations, did you read about the app first . Niantic made a game called Ingress which by the way is released in Nigeria and it was before Pokémon Go, they have Portals marked out Public and monumental buildings , and when they made Pokémon Go, they decided to use the same Location data. so for every Portal in Ingress , its a pokestop . this is not a religious conspiracy, get your facts right. Nice article Misstechy

  43. Oz says:

    Abuja unity fountain is a good poke stop. You can sit by the fountain and pick up poke balls and catching Pokemons all at the same damn time. The fierce looking armed security at NCC make it dangerous to loiter around. Aint gone die over no game. Then theres a lebanese restaurant City View where i go to eat just to pick up balls. Be ready to spend 6 to 10 k on meals.

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