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CTRL Z/ CTRL Y: How You Can Undo and Redo Text On Your Android Device

It is 2016, and the Android OS still hasn’t integrated the undo and redo features. ??
Last week, I accidentally wiped off an email I was typing to a client on my Android device. You need to see the look on my face when that happened and of course, I got an image that is almost similar to my reaction.
Here it is
Luckily for me, I had installed something that could help me undo any mistake on my android device. But imagine for one moment that I didn’t have this feature?
Now back to my rant, Ctrl-Z is constant throughout multiple desktop operating systems, and even iOS has the shake to undo, but despite several complaints by users and these complaints go as far back as 2010, Google has still not integrated an undo/redo feature on the Android OS and I am sitting here wondering….

Luckily for those with butter fingers, you don’t have to wait for Google. Meet Inputting +, the Android app that has been saving lives since 1989.
Once you download and install the app, you have to grant it permissions in Android’s accessibility settings, but not to worry, your data isn’t going to be stored anywhere as the app works locally. So, be rest assured, security-freaks.

After all that, you should see Inputting+ in the notification panel .

Bear in mind that it would only be activated when you are about to type and the app tracks everything you type and edit, hey, without storing it online, remember? Now to undo or redo any mistake, just use the undo or redo arrows. By the way people, this works across major apps.
That is that! To download, click here.
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9 comments on “CTRL Z/ CTRL Y: How You Can Undo and Redo Text On Your Android Device

  1. emmaedeh says:

    Brilliant app, I hope Android incorporate this soon natively.

  2. Bodexowen says:


  3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  4. Harrie says:

    Ummm 1989!! That’s like the classic mundane era, probably running windows back then…

  5. KingAbsolute says:

    Cool, Miss techy na you biko!!!!

  6. James says:

    And the Android fanboys would never know this feature has already been on iOS by default since only-God-knows-when.

  7. paykobo says:

    This is an important App to install, cos if you have it, it will save a lot of errors and stress of typing and re-typing. Thanks

  8. Actually there is a Ctrl Z and Ctrl Y starting in marshmallow. However the command is actually Ctrl Z in control why and there is not a control key on 99 percent of Android keyboards for mobile phones although that is there on some tablets such as Samsung devices and on Bluetooth keyboards. But that doesn’t help probably 90% of the people that are asking the same question and that is why is it not integrated into most keyboards at this point since it is supported in marshmallow including Google’s own keyboard. Here is a link about it and explaining that the control features were integrated in marshmallow but have not been fully integrated throughout the OS and applications especially different keyboard apps. So on top of the app that you’re talking about you could also download a keyboard that has a Ctrl key such as the hacker keyboard and then you will have Ctrl Z and control y system wide and not have to have something running in your system notifications area to get it. I am not sure because I haven’t used the app that you mentioned but I have a feeling that the undo works for text but it probably is a premium feature to undo deleting an image or something like that again that’s speculation because I haven’t tried the app but I noticed they do have premium features so I am assuming there are appimitarions in the Free version whereas the native system level Ctrl Z Ctrl Y in marshmallow does not require you to pay for anything, have a constant notification running (I already have way to many up there as it is) and assuming keyboard applications at the Ctrl key or better yet in undo redo button natively on the keyboard that when pressed simulates the Ctrl Z Ctrl y functions then you wouldn’t have to install a third-party a either.

  9. Joe says:

    Did you really use the picture of a third-world child that could be living misery to compare to your feeling of loosing a little chunk of data?

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