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I Literally Ruined My Google Search History With A Single Click.

I admit that I have searched for stuff that I am not proud of. Who hasn’t?

Imagining my Dad'was reaction

Imagining my Dad’s reaction after seeing my search history

However, they all pale in comparison to my most recent searches all thanks to a website I saw via TNW and Motherboard. The website is called ruin my search history because it will literally ruin your search history with just the click of a button. Despite the warnings I read, I still clicked on the link: 
ruin my search history 2
.And the search icon button. Then this happened.
The website launched by itself and started searching for terms ranging from mildly embarrassing to downright disturbing.
ruin my search history
Of course, to revert this and not be ruined should my boss ask for my search history, I had to go to my history and delete these searches one after the other which wasn’t so cool. But was I glad I took the plunge? Of course!
If you can’t resist temptation like I couldn’t then go ahead and join over 500,000 people who have ruined their search history. Click here to visit


10 comments on “I Literally Ruined My Google Search History With A Single Click.

  1. zita obeta says:

    Thank God i can resist temptation ?

  2. drey says:

    lolzz,thought i was d only one in d search for rubbish quest,so miss techy is involve,well.tanks to dat coloured guy with d ability to ruin

  3. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Well I see this as a good tech fun and a source of techlaxation…I definitely have to try this ritaway(then delete them ONE by ONE)…

  4. Wizy says:

    Cool stuff bt somehow hilarious ?
    Commenting from WizyTechs.Com

  5. KingAbsolute says:

    Lol, I’ll resist this kinda temptation, when I’ve seen small demo

  6. Harrie says:

    Hehe, after all the morning devotion and Bible Study.. Isis application form??? wtf.. How’d you find this site!! Only makes one wonder what you do when you get bored..

  7. Jay says:

    So you know, there is a new version of this site that is similar but does image searches instead ?
    The new site is at

  8. There’s also

  9. GEEKPEP says:

    LMAO.. funny ASF… comment from

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