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Twitter Has Got A New Look On Its Android App, And It Is Okay.

Finally, Twitter now has a material design! They have completely revamped their Android app to include huge changes. The last time it made a change similar to this one was way back in 2013.
Tweethearts, behold the new Twitter for Android


The new look now has a Google-like left-sided navigational drawer that you can slide to get to your settings, you now have new columns for timeline, moments, notifications, and direct message and a simple swipe will get you in between each column, and for those times you need to quickly send a tweet, just hit the Floating action button which will bring in a little floating blue circle in the bottom right corner.
If you don’t like it, I don’t know why you wouldn’t, you might want to steer clear of the update button.


10 comments on “Twitter Has Got A New Look On Its Android App, And It Is Okay.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder when moments will be available worldwide. Moments is the tab with a lightning bolt. It presently is not available in all regions including here. Great new update, finally Material design on Twitter.

  2. Harrie says:

    Umm the update hasn’t been officially released on the android store.. Still slays though.

    1. Harrie says:

      Okay, I take that back.. I must say, it’s a real slayer, aaaand my *moments are back..

  3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    If you can’t wait for the update to come. head over to its a repository of official apps with no malware. apkmirror was created for folks who don’t have access to playstore and need to install official apps. There are no paid apps on

  5. Lewis says:

    I have it already, and it’s kinda cool.

  6. KingAbsolute says:

    I’ll update mine soon, it looks cool, more twitter experience for me

  7. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Quite late to the party, but eh I’m more than loving this new look… Ride on Twitter….

  8. zita obeta says:

    The changes are exciting

  9. Bodexowen says:

    Just got the update, and it has only 3 columns?

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