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Mark Zuckerberg's Social Media Accounts Got Hacked Thanks To His Terrible Password

Remember when I cyber-spanked the North-Korean guys that used password as their password??
It seems Mark Zuckerberg might be getting the same treatment. News broke earlier today that Mark Zuckerberg’s (remember him?) social media accounts which include, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn got hacked. Even if you tell me he doesn’t use them, it still doesn’t change the fact that one of the most important tech personalities in the world was hacked because he used a not-so-secure password.
I can bet you are wondering what password he used, right?
I kid you not!
If this were in the 90s, I might be awwing because of his fatherly password, but right now, all I can see are the mistakes he made, first no symbols or capital letters which make it susceptible to brute force attacks, and he used the same passwords on all his social media accounts.


Uncle Mark, but why?

Before you judge uncle Mark, ask yourself this question? Are you using the same password on all your social media accounts? If yes, please go and change your password before you tempt me.


4 comments on “Mark Zuckerberg's Social Media Accounts Got Hacked Thanks To His Terrible Password

  1. Bodexowen says:

    dadada, Lol I use the same password for all my social Media accounts and dadada, I ain’t changing them, I’ll forget????????

  2. Harrie says:

    Ummm “dadada”, umm 3hrs most on brute force attack, aaaand there’s the last part, “please go and change your password before you tempt me.” What are Her intents??

  3. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    DADADA, I mean dadada, you for real mark?? c’mon man, hurry and do whatever it takes to change that stuff before MissTechy gets a hold of you o…because wharefa might follow, don’t worry, just ask North Korea, I think they gave their testimony in Church on how their lives were transformed after their encounter with MissTehy!!……As for me, I got a password keeper app, so I ain’t got problems using up to a billion passwords!!!

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