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Snapchat Overtakes Twitter To Become The 2nd Most Popular Social Network Based On Daily Usage

My mum will probably say Twitter needs prayers.
In just 4 years, Snapchat has done what Twitter struggled to do in 10 years – Get 150 million people to use the app daily – now Snapchat has surpassed Twitter by nearly 14 million daily users. The news of the daily figure comes from a Bloomberg report, which cites anonymous sources that are familiar with Snapchat’s daily active user figure.
Of course, which millennial wouldn’t want to do this (19)
Or this. (20)
Although Twitter also has some cool stuff (Inclusion of GIFs and a lot of good changes), a number of analysts sought by Bloomberg say that despite these cool stuff, Twitter just has an estimated 136 million daily users.
The growth of Snapchat can be attributed to its vast popularity among the Millennials. Apart from the cool filters and the disappearing messages, the fact that Snapchat is not something our parents will enjoy using is a major turn-on.


8 comments on “Snapchat Overtakes Twitter To Become The 2nd Most Popular Social Network Based On Daily Usage

  1. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Haahheeeee, Miss T, I must come and get real meme’s and GIF lessons from ya, I mean you’re a master of the art!! At least the first one got me rolling on the grouund….ok Sorry lemme now comment on the post, TWITTER, Sorry Jack Dorsey, come and read this post, I strongly believe the first GIF is responsible for your downfall….Mbok, shine on Miss T..

  2. Samm says:

    ‘Miss T’ you wee nur kee me with these your GIFs

  3. There seems to be no end in sight to my beloved Twitter’s
    BTW, your meme fuego 🔥 🔥 🔥

  4. KingAbsolute says:

    I saw this coming, many tweeps deflated to Snapchat & most twitter users still use Snapchat…
    You don’t have to judge them by the years, more people actually use the internet now more than before.
    Our parents are not on Twitter too 😉

    1. Lola says:

      If I hear …my mum joined twitter last year .. she said her shenanigans told her to join

  5. Paykobo says:

    Great post, its a unique way of expressing your feelings and communicating in less words, cos image sticks longer in the memory. Snapchat well done on this innovative effort. To enjoy the feature better you need a convenient data recharge anywhere you are? visit for soltuion please. Take care and thanks.

  6. Kosiso says:

    “Social media” Girls all over love snapchat on the average…and fewer of them use twitter… that shud explain it… still waiting for the day i’d sign up on snap chat

  7. Laura says:

    Am not surprised, the wonderful features took over every youth’s heart, what a nice concept… twitter is still cool tho but sometimes it becomes too fustrating and boring tho…
    Nice blog by the way,,,,,

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