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Instagram's Non-Chronological Feeds Have Started Rolling Out To Everyone, So Deal With It!

To the Instagram addicts, take heart, this isn’t the end of your social world. (21)

Some Instagram Addicts after hearing this news.

Instagram has announced that its non-chronological feeds rollout is almost over and everyone should start seeing the dreaded algorithmic feed on their Instagram app.
tumblr_inline_o6za6rPpyd1qm4rc3_540 (1)Just like Facebook’s news feed, Instagram will show you posts from the people you care about (No words on how they are going to decipher that), but if Facebook’s feed is to be taken into consideration, you should start seeing posts from people you interact and engage with on top of the feed.
I hate to be the bearer of a slightly bad news, but unlike Facebook, Instagram isn’t going to provide users with an option to turn this off, at least for now. To make things worse, Instagram isn’t going back on this because after testing the change, they discovered that “people are liking photos more, commenting more and generally engaging with the community in a more active way.”
Anyone noticed any change?


2 comments on “Instagram's Non-Chronological Feeds Have Started Rolling Out To Everyone, So Deal With It!

  1. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Gosh Instagram always releases new updates to their apps, but guess what?? Most times we ain’t happy about it and they just don’t care, they always feel they know what is best!! Gosh so bossy!! I think they should learn to listen more…But either ways, i won’t still dump Instababy…

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    Instagram isn’t fun for me, its just about liking pics & certainly not interactive, I hardly open my IG app.

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