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This Might Be The Next iPhone 7, Prepare To Feel This Way ?

Were you expecting to see a new iPhone 7 design? You might be vastly disappointed
That is if we were to believe the renders from GSM Arena which shows the iPhone 7 looking more like the iPhone 6s / 6s plus.
Do bear in mind that these renderings are not official, but are based on the alleged 3D schematics of the iPhone 7 that has been leaked so far. This means that they’re based on rumors which might not be the real deal, but you know what they say about rumors, right?
The major differences you can notice with the rendered designs are the lack of antenna bands across the back and the lack of the headphone port. Meanwhile, rumor has it the iPhone 7 could be waterproof and might sport a touch home button.
If these rumors are true, then those saving up to get one because of the groundbreaking design should just wait for the iPhone 8 (P.S.: Rumor also has it that there will be a major redesign next year to mark Apple’s 10-year anniversary).


4 comments on “This Might Be The Next iPhone 7, Prepare To Feel This Way ?

  1. EmmaIkos says:

    Thought as much. Same old skool specifications and designs. Abeg make dem park well joor. Nothing be like Samsung – flexibility and productivity.

  2. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Yes, i know what they say about rumors (they say there is an atom of truth in every rumor). That being said, the iphone7 will not fall far from the apple tree that produced 6s. If am right, there was a blog post where we commented predicted specs, so no need stating them again…#MissTechyForever

  3. Odira says:

    It seems Apple doesn’t have any new thing to offer yet.

  4. Kaybang says:

    I love how apple users r total lab rats. Apple release an incomplete product, read all d complaints 4rm d users, den release an updated version called d “s” or “s+” or watever & SELL it 4 an even higher price. Den gleefully watch deir loyal sheep proclaim “INNOVATION”
    Dis is just anoda e.g

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