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?If At First You Don't Succeed?: Google's New Messaging App Wants To Do What Google+ Couldn't

You have the best of three worlds (Search, Chrome & Youtube) in Google’s new app called SPACES.
Since Google hasn’t hit the jackpot when it comes to messaging apps (Google+ has refused to blow),
They created an app for group discussions called Spaces.
The not-yet-launched app will allow you to find and share articles, videos, and images without leaving the app, because it has already integrated Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome.
Doesn’t sound interesting enough?


What if I told you that asides from being a platform to share content, it is also going to be a chat app that will let you stay updated with what your friends are discussing?


Still not exciting?
Well, you will never know till you try it.
This has Pinterest written all over, but Google wants its Spaces to be the destination for all your discussions.  Can someone tell Google we have Twitter for that?
Right now, the website is saying it will be live shortly (Which shouldn’t take so long), but based on what has been painted, what do you think of Spaces?


5 comments on “?If At First You Don't Succeed?: Google's New Messaging App Wants To Do What Google+ Couldn't

  1. zita obeta says:

    What they are promising is not new, we already have it all

  2. Lewis says:

    Let’s wait and see, there may be something new

  3. Kaybang says:

    Sounds like asgardian sh*t. Google wants to do everything. Wasn’t it just days back they announced u’ll be to share videos & chat on youtube? So what’s d point of dat feature on dis app? Microsoft did sumfin lyk dis & it bombed. So will dis

  4. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    First off, i don’t even understand what i don’t understand about Spaces!….Based on theez, i would gladly wait till it finally goes live then i will review it!…#MissTechyForever

  5. Harrie says:

    “The adventures of Supergirl” !!! :|| seriously!! Don’t get all *hyper bout spaces. Aaaand I’ll reserve my comments, buh if Google really wishes to take the chatting platform to another level then it should stop acting a lil less like Google and more of *WhatsApp+Fb+Twitter” or their features integrated into one app..

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