Much Ado About Android 6.0: The Tecno W4 Unboxing

I have had my hands  on Tecno’s latest budget friendly device for a while now and before going on a date with the W4, how about a bit of introduction 😉



As seen above, the package is looks pretty, such a pity it is going where all other phone packages go to. Opening it allows you to see the device in all its 5.o inch glory.
tecno w4 unboxing pack_misstechy


Further digging reveals the accesories, you will find your regular earphone, a free phone case & screen protection, a USB cable and the Wall charger.
download (3)


Build-wise, the Tecno W4 doesn’t look so cheap. Also, when I held the device, it didn’t feel so light, neither was it bulky – a curious case of being caught in the middle.
Tecno w4 marshmallow 2_misstechy
On the top seats the 3.5mm earphone jack.
Top port_misstechy
While the bottom houses your charging port and mic.
Tecno W4 charging port_misstechy
On the side, you have your regular volume and power buttons.
tecno w4 volume buttons_misstechy


I got the grey/black variant and as seen in the images it does have this grainy look, but it doesn’t feel grainy in the hand, at all.
tecno w4 back view 2
You have your speakers placed at the back
Tecno W4 speaking_misstechy
…And your 8MP back facing camera with LED flash.
Tecno W4 back camera_misstechy
On the front of the device,  you have your 5.o inch screen with no gorilla glass protection, you also have your 2MP front-facing camera and sensor – Yes, the W4 doesn’t have physical buttons, instead it comes with an on-screen button that further takes up a small part of the screen.
Tecno w4 marshmallow_misstechy


Finally, opening the device lets you see the dual micro-SIM card slots with a Micro SD card slot. Remember that the W4′ 2500mAh battery isn’t removable
tecno w4 micro sim card_misstechy
P.S: Contrary to earlier specs, the W4 doesn’t come with 4G LTE.
Not much to talk about since this is just the unboxing article, but based on first impressions, what do you think of the W4 and as always, what are you looking to see in the full review coming up next week?


11 comments on “Much Ado About Android 6.0: The Tecno W4 Unboxing

  1. Xtopher says:

    Ill pass, Heading to the Samsung S7 Post ?

  2. Oneblackguy says:

    Lmao missy I see what you did with drake in the front and back views.. you should be teaching off this stuff

  3. Bodmantech says:

    Drake needs a One Dance. MissTechy needs a One Date with the W4. That’s a nice and quick review

  4. Bodmantech says:

    Oh and MissTechy thanks for cancelling the Hiatus

  5. Harrie says:

    Ummm major bummer, no 4G!!! Frankly that was the only feature I was looking to grab, aaaand the HiOS that looks very much like Xiaomi’s MIUI…

  6. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Mbanu now, Tecno why??..(Not even 4G)?? I mean i was steadily getting carried away bit by bit as i carefully read the review, and i even delegated my Android Assistant to book a “One Date” for both of us not until i read the battery capacity and connectivity status. I stopped my Android Assistant immediately and demanded a refund using quickteller from the “Booka”……Well Tecno, since you said the phone is a mid-ranger, i will gladly award a 6/10…

  7. Fundango says:

    Battery not removable and lack lyte network which is a great turn-off.
    Will be waiting for Tecno L8 and will be more interested on the multi-tasking function of the ram and picture display.

  8. zita obeta says:

    No 4g? What is now the special feature?

  9. Xino says:

    when they change the screen resolution from 720p to 1080p at least, wake me up

  10. Shigo says:

    The phone is Tha bomb..I’m enjoying it erryday…Thanks to tekno

  11. Anonymous says:

    Comment Text* why dual micro sim huh!……no 4G… wot else

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