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Yass! Google Proposes New Emoji To Represent The Working-Class Women

Men, take a back seat for now.
In a bid to “highlight the diversity of women’s careers” and also represent the working class women in digital conversations, Google is proposing the inclusion of 13 new emoji that depicts women in various career fields,  These include Technology, Healthcare, and Agriculture. The created emoji have been sent to the Unicode Consortium, a body responsible for standardizing emoji worldwide.
According to the 4-member team in charge of this project:

To make our final selection, we looked at the primary, secondary, and tertiary categories that compose global GDP — Agriculture, Industry and Services — and further broke them down categorically based on global popularity, growth, and overall representation. We additionally added in concepts from popular media campaigns such as #likeagirl, global influencers, and the ongoing support to promote women in STEM.

The team feels that young women would be more inclined to use these emoji, as they are the heaviest users of emoji.
new emoji
P.S: I intentionally left out the part that states that the working-class men are also represented in these emoji set because I don’t the men spoiling our fun.  


4 comments on “Yass! Google Proposes New Emoji To Represent The Working-Class Women

  1. zita obeta says:

    Have not seen much from you these past days, hope all is cool.
    The emoji are cool, soon we will have emoji for every word.

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    Nawa! I thought any emoji can serve as your emotions to the text. They’ll now have sex/gender

  3. zita obeta says:

    we will soon have emoji for every word, it’s cool though

  4. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Well i love emojises and so, i would gladly welcome this particular set of emojises and use them when need be. Thanks for the update MmaTechy #MissTechyForever!!

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