How To Teach Google Who Your Family Members Are For Quicker Calls & Messages

Which would you choose? Saying Ok Google, call my sister or going to your phone book to type out the first 4 numbers of your sister? I am sure some of you would pick the second option because Google still hasn’t understood your accent ..Lol, but if you are driving or doing something with your hands, the first option is way better, right?
Okay, if you chose the first option, here is how to assign nicknames to your contacts. It’s pretty easy:  Just say “Ok Google” (If you have enabled the default voice access, that is. If you haven’t just click on the OK Google bar).
assign contacts 1
Next, you need to say the name of the contact and the nickname you want to assign to them. For example, saying Dangote is my dad will bring up this response from Google.
assign contact 3
Just click on accept and the contact will be assigned that nickname.
assign contacts 2
Bear in mind that there is a list of nicknames you can use: see below:

assign google contact

Picture Source: Screenshot from Google

After all that small work, you just need to say, Ok Google, call my Dad and Google will call your dad, mum, sister, boyfriend or what have you.
assign contact 4
Why should I use this process when I can just say call Dangote? For one, the nicknames listed above are easier for Google to understand, even if you have the thickest Yoruba or Igbo accent.
What if you break up with your boyfriend/Girlfriend? You just need to say, Dangote is not my dad/boyfriend and Google will recognise and remove the contact’s nickname.
Easy, Breezy!


3 comments on “How To Teach Google Who Your Family Members Are For Quicker Calls & Messages

  1. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Tech there Google, i always know that with Google, i’m always in for something interesting….well i so love the “Ok google” stunt, but i just noticed it might be competing with Rosaline (My Android Assistant), but either ways tho, its a nice one from Google!

  2. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Sorry i left-out this part….#MissTechyForever

  3. Kaybang says:

    Ok Google, call misstechy.
    Wow, dat was way easier dan i thought 😀

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