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Would You Rock This New Tech That Turns Your Skin To Touch Interface?

One of the reasons most people are reluctant to buy a Smartwatch is because they don’t want to fiddle with a small touch interface, but what if there is a novel way of turning your skin to a touchscreen?
A research team from the Future Interfaces Group has unveiled another way to make smartwatches suck less. It is called SkinTrack and it wants to turn your skin into a touch screen! (14)
Although to do this, you will need to wear a signal emitting ring and attach a sensing band to the Smartwatch. These two items will ensure that when you touch your skin, your smartwatch touch interface is also affected even when you have your clothes on.

Of course, if this is fully developed and integrated into Smartwatches, say Apple Watch, I wouldn’t mind buying one out of sheer curiosity, but will this make a country like Nigeria adopt the Smartwatch culture? I doubt it.


6 comments on “Would You Rock This New Tech That Turns Your Skin To Touch Interface?

  1. Rapheal says:

    lol.. I seriously doubt if it can trend in Nigeria.But seriously, this is a great invention, i must confess..

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    Not gonna trend in Nigeria.

  3. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Ehn i don’t know o, but eh first of that’s genius, but i think it will take a while for us (weDemNaija) to adapt!

  4. Kaybang says:

    “to do this, u will have to wear a signal emitting ring & attach a sensing band to d smartwatch”
    Such hardwork.
    Sounds like sh*t #Pass

  5. Not going mainstream anytime soon. If it did I would probably still get it for the review, but just like the average smartwatch I doubt it real life necessity. I will get a few fans, probably for the cool input method, but it would probably be forgotten quickly.
    text input-> voice input-> input without touch -> the next cool thing (mind control)… patiently waiting! ;D
    Anthony Ikani

  6. I would be so glad to have that wrist watch
    Can Such Come To Naija????

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