Here Is How To Use Gestures To Launch Apps On Your Android Device

Remember the Gesture control feature preloaded on some phones that will help you launch an app using preassigned alphabet(s)? One thing I didn’t like about the feature was its inability to add or edit assigned alphabets.


Gesture control on the InnJoo 2

What if there were an app that will allow you assign any letter of your choosing to quickly launch an app? In case, I confused you, apologies.
Now imagine being able to do this:
gesture control
Anywhere on your phone screen.
Meet Finger gesture launcher, the app that will allow you use gestures to do virtually anything on your phone, You can lock your device, call a friend, open any application and a lot of stuff. And the best part is you can perform these gestures anywhere on your phone.
So how does it work? You would need to install it, duh!
Skip the introduction part and navigate to the home screen. There you will see that about 4 to 5 gestures have been configured, But you can either delete them or add to them. To add to it, just select the plus sign on the upper part of the app.
gesture control 2
Next, the app will ask you to select an action for the gesture. Like I said, there’s so much you can choose from. For this tutorial, I’d be choosing the home button action that will take me to the home screen without using the home button. Next, I’d draw out any letter of my choosing, I’d be using h, bear in mind that you will be asked to draw the same gesture 2 times in a row to allow the app understand it better. After that, Cest’fini!
gesture control
To execute the gesture, I just need to click on the finger that is now permanently on my phone screen, then draw the gesture assigned. Note that this can be done anywhere, even when you are playing a game.
…And that is one way to prove you are a power user!
Does it take up your battery? Not at all! Although the free version of the app comes preloaded with apps as expected, but they aren’t bad at all.
There you have it, an easier way to launch virtually anything using gestures.
To Install, click here


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    Another great app…..Nice!!!

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    It’s really cool, i just tried it out but it’s something i can do without

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    Nice one, awesome app

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