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Would You Be Willing To Pay $400 For Blackberry's New Android Device?

Based on the sales report, tt is safe to say that the Blackberry Priv didn’t have a great first year. Now, the company is hoping to release not one, but two blackberry-android devices to make up for that and the leaked images have started surfacing online.
They are codenamed the BlackBerry Hamburg and Rome.
Rumor has it that the Rome is touted to be the higher end model between the two while Hamburg is touted to be a mid-range device which will lack the iconic BlackBerry keyboard. The first image is of the Blackberry Hamburg with a measurement of 146mm x 78mm and an all metal encasement.
While the second image shows the BlackBerry Rome. It has the same new logo placement and rather than a slider, there is a physical keyboard which makes it look like the BlackBerry Passport.
blackberry priv
As said earlier, this will be the higher end model
No words on pricing yet for the Blackberry Rome, but rumor has it that the Blackberry Hamburg will come with a price tag of $400.
Also, no rumored specs have leaked online, yet. But based on the pictures would you be willing to pay $400?  At least it is better than $700, right?


11 comments on “Would You Be Willing To Pay $400 For Blackberry's New Android Device?

  1. Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

    When it’s not jazz. These guys aren’t ready to play ball. They still think they are Apple. SMH

  2. Zita obeta says:

    Expensive, their die hard fans can still pay it ?

  3. Bodexowen@bodmantech says:

    I wouldn’t be willing to pay $400 for a phone categorized as “midrange”. That’s roughly N120,000. Is it because it is ” BlackBerry “. MissTechy would you?

  4. Xtopher says:

    I’ll Gladly pay for that.. As long as the specs are good. Bee a fan of blackberry or 5years and counting ..

  5. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


  6. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Dear BlackBerry,
    As much as you have lived your glory days and now you’ve seen the light! Please i would urge you to face reality and act as such! Yes you still have die hard fans of which i’m not among, don’t you want more customers?, c’mon you don’t have to give your Naija brothers’ a hard time purchasing your goods. Never tell me to pay for a mid-ranger @ N100,000+k (Think of it BB, why do you think your chinese counterparts are still raking in huge sales for the same midrangers at N30,000+).
    I Hope i hit the head on the nail though!
    – From a Infinix’s Boyfriend!

  7. Zayn Liam says:

    Sure, misstechy can afford it lah!

  8. Harrison says:

    $400 For blackberry Keh? Who “Blackberry” don Epp?

  9. Rapheal says:

    $400 for a blackberry phone? Now this is crazy and all i can do is

  10. Harrie says:

    All talk, android rules…. $400!! Wtf.. And still the specs wouldn’t be much of a mindblower..

  11. husband says:

    misstechy. Honestly i dont know what is wrong with this blackberry people. They should name it whiteberry and sell it to the white people. That is what i think. Or what do u think misstechy. Hope am not funny.

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