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Want To Create Device Mockups? This Website Will Help You Create It Like A Pro.

Wondering what a mockup is? They are realistic representation of what the product will look like, in this case, a website. For example, the image below with misstechy plastered on the laptop screen is a mockup:
misstechy mockdrop
Or this:
misstechy  mockdrop4
Or this.
misstechy mockdrop3
Okay, I get it, you now understand, right?

If you don't, start reading slowly  from the beginning.

If you don’t, start reading again from the beginning, this time, very slowly.

Usually, creating a device mockup requires having a knowledge of Photoshop or any design software, but what if I told you that all you need to have is this website you are about to meet and a picture of what you want to put in the mockup.
Say hi to MockDrop, the website that will make you look like a Photoshop-pro


To start, visit the website and select any mockup of your choice.
mockup tutorial
Get the right dimension of the image you are going to use in the mockup. In this case, I am using a screenshot from (Ensure the screenshot looks like the screen dimension of the device mockup).

misstechy photosop

You can resize the image before taking a screenshot.

Then drag the saved image/screenshot to the selected MockDrop image. Dassol!
Click on the download button and you are good to go.
All the images in Mockdrop are free to use so don’t worry about copyright claims.
With Mockdrop, you would have saved yourself the trouble of skewing and warping in Photoshop.
Easy, Breezy!
To visit Mockdrop, click here


7 comments on “Want To Create Device Mockups? This Website Will Help You Create It Like A Pro.

  1. Ezekiel says:

    Wow. This is great. Finally found one.

  2. Mz C-me says:

    Awesome post! Bookmarked this page if I need to do mockups.

  3. Abdulsalam says:

    Nice…love it…. but the site told me my browser doesn’t support mock ups.

  4. Harrie says:

    I was starting to wonder where She got the latte!!

  5. I don’t understand the website misstechy plz help me here

  6. Maximilian says:

    Hey, I’m the creator of Thanks for featuring the webapp 🙂
    I just changed the design to make it more user-friendly. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask.

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