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Google Stated The Obvious, Now The Entire TV Industry Is Angry

First off, who still watches TV? I think the only time I watch TV is when this is happening.
Anyway, Google made a statement that got the TV guys angry, According to a report by the Guardian, Google stated that 80 percent of the time, YouTube ads were more effective than TV ads and are better at driving sales.

“We found that while TV maintains a powerful impact in the digital age, digital video is under-invested in several categories we measured in the UK, France and Germany,” said Lucien van der Hoeven, general manager EMEA at MarketShare, one of the companies hired by Google to conduct the analysis.

Of course, with a statement like that, you can trust the TV Industry to go bonkers.
Thinkbox a big name in the TV industry felt that the YouTube analysis “misses the point” of TV advertising.  According to them

“The true value of TV advertising is not just its return on investment [getting people to buy stuff], but that it achieves the best return on investment at the highest levels of investment, TV builds brands better than anything else and creates the most profit.

The truth remains that the youths spend their time online than anywhere else, so it is only right that ads on Youtube have more impressions than that on the TV, but  it is also true that  70% of users will rather skip an ad on Youtube than watch it till the end, so the question now is how impactful are the ads on Youtube?
Which would you remember, a 5-second ad on YouTube or an ad on the TV you barely watch?
Read the full report on Guardian


8 comments on “Google Stated The Obvious, Now The Entire TV Industry Is Angry

  1. zita obeta says:

    I rarely remember YouTube ad because i usually skip them but on tv, I’m forced to watch since i can’t do nothing about it

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      ..But you can also switch stations on TV when an ad is being shown.

      1. zita obeta says:

        Yes but most times you won’t especially when watching one of those program you don’t want to miss a scene

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    I watch TV more tho, with dstv around me, I can’t spend time/data on streaming when I can easily get full packed entertainment.

  3. Kaybang says:

    Hm… Kinda weird misstechy didn’t use A. Martial 4 d man utd gif.
    Anyways, youtube ads r dumb. I’ve neva watched one & neva will(esp all dose nollywood ads). I skip dose things like young black girls skipping ropes.
    Love love love.. my TV

  4. Sherif O. S. says:

    Hmmn just marketing gimmicks

  5. Uke Enun Jnr says:

    Ehn, we sure do love to feed our eyes with some TV sometimes, but seriously, when i want to watch a soccer or wwe highlight on youtube, the last thing i want to see is a Cocacola or maggi or indomie ad…i mean no be today i start to drink coke o!

  6. Tonyx says:

    TV ads are more effective …….on youtube i’m the best skipper u cn find

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