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Tecno Boom J8 Review: The Good, The Bad And The HiOS.

When you look at Tecno’s latest device, the Boom J8, the first thing that will come to your mind is change – change in its appearance and OS. However, will this change turn things around for Tecno mobile moving forward?



Immediately you get the Boom J8 and power it on, you might need to wait for about 40 seconds, thanks to the Boom animation.
Also, powering it off takes about 6 seconds.


Despite its 720p display, a color depth of 32 bits, and an HD IPS panel, the Boom J8’s display is not bad at all. It has good viewing angles and eye-pleasing colors. Outside visibility is above average provided you rev up the brightness to the max when battling direct sunlight.
tecno boom j8 display


H + iOS = HiOS
You’d immediately notice that the all the icons on the J8 are squared.
Tecno Boom J8 Icon change
When it comes to the notification panel, everything looks the same except the change in the color theme. Black is the new white.
tecno boom j8 3
The fact that you can change your theme and wallpaper is a welcome development

 tecno boom j8 settings panel

There is also a Pulsating light setting that allows you to use one cool feature that Tecno introduced to the J8, but more on this later
The calling app has new modes. You have the one-handed mode and a detect multiple numbers mode. (Other modes aren’t so new).
tecno boom j8 5
Just like Xiaomi’s security manager, you have the new Hi manager which includes features like, mobile cleanup, Bandwith management, harassment block, Auto-start and app management.
Tecno Boom J8 Hi Manager


The Boom J8 comes with 16GB ROM, but you have just 9GB left. After installing some games (4 in number) and a few benchmark apps, I had just 3Gb left.
boom j8 storage


The HiOS comes with sleek interfaces. One of these interfaces is the shutting window which is so beautiful.
boom j8 shutdown
You also have the Boom player. I particularly love the animation on the home screen.
tecno boom player
There are the usual gimmick additions like double tap to wake etc. You also have gestures  i.e. drawing certain letters on the screen to launch apps. Finally, there is the Pulsating light that serves as your notification light and also lights up when you are playing a song.


Not so boomy. When you play songs on the Boom J8, the audio quality is very obvious thanks to the Boom Max which allows you control the general output of your audio. However, If you are expecting that loud boom, you might be slightly disappointed – but quality over quantity, right? (By the way, even though you have two speaker grills, you just have only one active speaker grill). I must point out that immediately you plug in your earphones/headphones, you’d understand why it is called the Boom.
Err just okay. The sound quality isn’t “oh my God” kinda great, but considering it is free, you really can’t complain.




Yes!! I’d advise that you don’t go for the white variant because the white back cover is prone to obvious scratches. What I’d advise you to go for is this sandpaper variant. I am in love!
tecno boom j8 sandstone


Definitely, but the bloatware found on the J8 can be removed


I carried out two tests, one with the Bluetooth, WIFI, location, brightness & 3G switched on, I also played 2 games during this duration. I started at 7:35 and ended it at 7:59pm. See the battery changes
New folder (2)

Results: 5% depleted in 24 minutes. Is that good enough for you?

The second test was in 3G mode, with brightness minimal, location and an always on screen for 2 minutes while playing songs, see the results below
New folder (2)1

Final Words: Impressive. 



If you are looking to buy the Boom J8 because you’re a selfie or picture freak, then just wait for the Camon c9 -The Camera interface is quite bland because you don’t have so many tweaks to play with;
tecno boom j8 camera interface
…But overall, the output is far better than some phone cameras I have seen. See the samples below under different test conditions. (Click on the image to see the enlarged version and also the camera information.





Very far, probably because of the optimized OS, but everything operated smoothly. Although, there were times I had an issue with some apps restarting, but this could be fixed in an update.
1st Test: I played 4 slightly heavy games and tried going back again, I did not experience any lag and was able to resume my games.
2nd Test: I opened several apps, then restarted the device, the apps still stayed in the multitasking panel after the restart.
tecno boom j8 second multitasking test

Final words: Pass mark!


Dear Tecno We Don’t Understand Chinese.
I don’t know what triggered it, all I do know is that I saw some Chinese words in the notification panel. Tecno please fix this in subsequent updates.
tecno boom j8 7jpg
Be warned, anytime you try to switch to the selfie camera on the Boom J8, you would notice that there is a lag that takes about 5 seconds. Further investigations revealed that it was due to the beautification settings that were turned on by default, no way to turn it off. Once again, hopefully, an update might fix this
However, what you can do is switch to video mode and then turn the selfie camera, you won’t notice any lag when you do this.


I think there was a misinformation when Tecno said the Boom J8 had a fast charge because after using the J8 I discovered that it doesn’t charge so fast. See the test below:
New folder (2)2
I was able to charge the Boom J8 for 5% in the space of 15 minutes. At the end of the day, it would take about 2 hours or more to fully charge the Boom J8.


Yes, yes, yes! The Boom J8 does support USB OTG, so you might need to buy an OTG adapter to use with the Boom J8
tecno boom j8 usb otg


No, I didn’t. I am not sure if the phone will or will not receive key updates, like Android N for example. #NowPlaying Wishing on a star. 
Update: It has been confirmed that the Boom J8 will definitely receive a Marshmallow update.
boom j8 update


As always, what is a review without a benchmark?
Check out the Boom J8 benchmark
Wizard data (2)


Here are the things I love about the Boom J8
1. Impressive audio output when earphone is plugged
2. Very sleek and impressive design, Tecno has joined the big boys level, even with their mid range phones.
3. The new experience with the HiOS
4. Pulsating light is the first of its kind.
Things I  didn’t like:
1. Little bugs with the OS
2. Back cover is prone to scratches
3. The J8 doesn’t come with Gorilla glass, so there is a high chance the screen might crack.
4. Android 5.1 in 2016?
Price = N44,000 on Konga.
Your thoughts?


111 comments on “Tecno Boom J8 Review: The Good, The Bad And The HiOS.

  1. zita obeta says:

    The phone is very okay, we can’t have it all with tecno
    BTW your review is top notch, you touched every aspect of the phone. thumbs up

    1. Oginineme L says:

      No phone is perfect, thanks for highlighting both sides. At the end we can agree that the phone is a great buy for anyone!!

      1. BenKafor says:

        I love the expandable memory

  2. Wizy says:

    An amazing article and great review. Keep up the good job. Misstechy.
    Anyway, see how you can browse free with any device and on any network as of today

  3. kasy says:

    Chai, c review, so OP
    Nice Cheek bones Miss techy @”Front Camera Test”

    1. MrPrezident007 says:

      I thought I was the only one that noticed the pretty face.

  4. Rapheal says:

    Wow Wow Wow is all i can say. Nice Review Miss Techy.
    The J8 is not a bad phone at least for that price.

    1. Oginineme L says:

      Not a bad phone or it is a great phone?? Have you listened to your favorite song with the boom headphone of j8? When you do you won’t say that again.

  5. Michael Effiong says:

    I don’t think you should be surprised with Android 5.1 in 2016, Because if you check it there ain’t much difference between Android 5.1 Lollipop and Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    1. Oginineme L says:

      Well said @Micheal but bear in mind that it can be updated to marshmallow.

      1. Hart says:

        It can be upgraded to marshmallow for real? Intend getting it… Kinda sceptical about the device though. Haven’t made up my mind. Still hanging on to the coming of the camon c9…

      2. jude says:

        How can that be done

      3. Anonymous says:

        How do I update it pls?

      4. Anonymous says:


    2. Sidney says:

      Thank you

  6. Joshua says:

    Great review miss
    Finally I have something real on this phone not all the unnecessary over hyping
    Then phone is quite OK
    But I’ll stick with the Note 2
    It’s clearly better

    1. MrPrezident007 says:

      Quiet OK?? This is a phone with 2GB RAM, headphone, and comes with the new HiOS and you say it is OK?? The phone is great!!!

  7. Titi says:

    Your review just solidified my decision and yes I am. So getting the j8.. Other blogs clearly overhyped the Phone but yours stated the good and the bad side which I can live with. So yeah getting the j8 for my cousin.. Thanks misstecjy

  8. felix says:

    Too expencive for the specs.. @misstechy are u obsessed with flowers?

    1. MrPrezident007 says:

      N41k is too expensive?? The economy is really hard.

  9. Mubarak says:

    pls I dont mind innjoo 2/boom j8 any pls

  10. Victor M says:

    Any word on 4g LTE networks that will work seamlessly with the tecno Boom j8? Specs say device is LTE Band:B3/7/20…
    will this work with Smile 4Glte?

    1. Anonymous says:

      It should.

    2. LOVEJAYBOY LOVE says:

      It works perfectly, the 4G is on point!!

      1. BenKafor says:

        It is amazing that their latest phones have 4G

    3. Anonymous says:

      It works perfectly with any 4lte.

  11. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. LOVEJAYBOY LOVE says:

      The so called lows is negligible when compared with the great features that come with the J8.

  12. Bernardo says:

    Oh God.. Your review is so indepth. This would be my go to for all my reviews. In other related news. I am getting this device coz of two things you mentioned. I loved the way it looks and just like you I love that pulsating lights. The head Phone and audio are just ajasa .. Once again nice job miss. For a lady you sure pack few good punches

  13. Joachim says:

    Comment Text* nice one from u miss….ur review was great and indept.

  14. TechyMiller says:

    If there is one league you are absolutely winning and seating at 1st position on is the Reviews and Unboxing game. In depth reviews, well detailed, well analyzed, good use of images. Well done Tobi.
    With love from

    1. MrPrezident007 says:

      A female?? My first time here but am awed by the awesomeness of the boom j8. The music by boom Maxx and the headphone nailed it for me as a music lover. I would absolutely need one before my birthday.

      1. Jayboy says:

        Why do men underestimate women? Can’t a female have an awesome tech blog?

        1. MrPrezident007 says:

          I meant that in a complimentary way. Great phone and great review.

  15. TechyMiller says:

    If there is one league you are absolutely winning and seating at 1st position on is the Reviews and Unboxing game. In depth reviews, well detailed, well analyzed, good use of images. Well done Tobi.
    With love from

  16. Sherif O. S. says:

    Cool and in depth review tobi, though I kept wondering why the phone is not with android 6 Marshmallow

    1. LOVEJAYBOY LOVE says:

      But it can be updated to the marshmallow.

  17. BradleyStevens says:

    This is the first review for this device that I’ve been content with.
    Every aspect of the phone has been covered to detail.
    Awesome work.

  18. PeppleZulu says:

    I’m not bothered about the 5.1 ish.
    Those who convinced me to buy the phone called it a Music Flagship phone, and then they showed me lots of features which you’ve mostly mentioned above, and I gotta say that I’m loving every inch of what it gives me. As per the sound, I prefer using my more expensive headset when I’m in a mood to do so.
    Because I browse a lot, I observed that the HiOS browser operates a Chromium like engine. Among all my devices, this one’s preferred for now. btw, I learned that they’d be releasing update 6.0 ASAP just like they did with Camon. Not like I care much about that though.

  19. ObamaReiss says:

    Great Review. Fluid Review. Not clogged. Lotsa pix. Me likey.
    About the phone, I was opportune to use it few days after its release.
    I like how it keeps top priority messages on top.
    and then the slim feel.. I’ve never been an “eru” person from the word go.


    Misstechy keep up doing what you are doing, am currently using the boom j8 and I don’t regret buying it.

  21. Oginineme L says:

    LOL @cant complain about the headphone cos it is free. My friend uses the phone and I must say the boom headphone is so so awesome!!

  22. Jayboy says:

    Miss Tobi, well broken down review. Nice one.

  23. Jayboy says:

    But I quiet disagree with you on the battery capacity of the boom j8, it is fast charging and long lasting, I know because I use a J8

    1. MrPrezident007 says:

      Maybe she used a power bank for the charging.

  24. ingrid says:

    I’ve read tons of reviews about this device, but I can say this is the best and most unbiased I’ve seen so far. Thank you TOBI.

  25. 8IST says:

    very nice review, only why is there little or insufficient details on the headphones thoo ?

    1. slaijay says:

      I’m just guessing there’ll be another review for that altogether.

  26. A.k.p says:

    Will luv to know the camera quantity of this phone…sumone shuld emphasize on this more

    1. Simba says:

      Camera is 13MP and 5MP Back and Front respectively

  27. zaq says:

    please send to me the review of Tecno Camon 9 to my email;

  28. BenKafor says:

    This is a very lovely and detailed review. Nice one

  29. BenKafor says:

    I really love music phones, this one is for me.

  30. Ikay says:

    Can anyone help me confirm if this phone has a gyroscope. It is the only thing holding me from buying this phone.

  31. sky99 says:

    Nice job Miz Tobi, I really like this phone with the new design and the New player with Headphone. Bt am nt impress with the camera pls can you jst suggest another phone with great spec like BOOM j8 and in the same price range, thanks.

  32. tomi says:

    thanks for this review Tobi, got the phone but ive got issues with data…
    i already subscribed to 6gb worth of data, however the fone seems to have placed a limit on daily data consumption. please what can i do? what could be wrong? being online is my major concern, please help.

  33. Michael says:

    it’s really a nice phone, but the touch sensitivity seems to decrease when the backlight stays on for long.

  34. muyiwa says:

    It’s a really nice phone and I’m loving it, however I’m yet to get a grip on the particularly boom player , it asks me to ” open switch operating” , please how do I go about this ? .

  35. Nnadozie Ifenna says:

    Am not happy..
    I bought a boom j8 on 16th of may 2016… i was so happy to finally get the phone only to get home n put the 32gb memory card i bought for it nd it did not accept it… nd I couldn’t get help since then.. i so disappointed…

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Ifenna, Are you sure the memory card isn’t damaged, try using another memory card from someone that has been using it for a while then see if it will respond. Sorry to hear about that. 🙁

  36. collins says:

    Now i think Its really clear to everyone that Mis techy Just nailed it Like a boss. Ive been going thru different blogs 4 the past 3 days on these tecno Brand especially the (B.j8 device) just bcos of the way the phone is been hyped to an extent some bloggers even went as far as compairing the j8 with some high end phones like the iphone 6+ and samsung s (series) which leaves u even more confused at the end of the day. No doubt the Tecno boom j8 is a Nice, smart and solid device from tecno company but some of these bloggers need to choke on some Chill pill, give the company more time and space to work on and master their craft instead of the over hype BiKO” rome wasnt built in a day . But With techys review, am Only Left convinced and just With that straight decisive mindset to cop the device no more looking around in Google for boom j8 specs, thanks to mstechy indepth and clear review, it was a top Notch. These blogg remains my go to blogg for any Damn review. Keep up the good work techy!!!!!!!!!!! Show dem how to do these .

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Thank you so much Collins, appreciate.

      1. Johnson jr says:

        Help me to set up otg I failed

  37. lordvick says:

    how to change camon c8 in 4G

  38. jude says:

    Nice job miss……..BT cn sum1 please tell me how to upgrade my boom j8 to marshmallow

  39. Castor says:

    The good side of this phone according to me is the battery, ram and storage.
    The downside is touch sensitivity and lack of some sensors such as gyro.

  40. jaysliky says:

    nice post

  41. mohd abubakar says:

    I I have the phone. Had it for about two months now. Everthing good for the price on the outside, but durability is zero. It rained a little on my phone through the window and i had to take to the shop and buy a new screen 9000N,
    four days later damn screen breaks bcs i slept with the phone on my bed. I always drop my phones on my bed after i turn off my alarm, I never had a screen break because of that. Amd am sure a lot pple do the same. I look forward (sacarstic) to the next problems with this damn phone.

  42. nelly tadi says:

    Awesome review misstechy…

  43. Abdulmalik says:

    I love the phone, it kinda looks like iphone 6 to me, what has been holding me back from Chinese phone is the lack of costume UI like the touchwiz in Samsung and sense in the hTc, I currently use iPhone 5 but im planning to buy this boom j8 cos of its slim looks and d unique HiOs, really love the white

  44. adnaan says:

    Very disappointed. I put 2 simcards but after a few minutes sim2 goes off…. I try to switch cards but the same happens… pls help.

  45. shilla says:

    Why is it that the phone is 16 GB but ull have 3 GB left only…am scared about buying it coz of that

  46. Johnson jr says:

    I bought one but otg doesn’t show up what should I do
    Help please I have an otg cable

  47. Ray says:

    Wow …really impressive review… MissTechy….I’m in Ghana I would be glad if we could collaborate. please
    Thanks already.

  48. Defa says:

    I have a question much was not shown on how one can actually operate the boom8 for someone using a techno phone for the first time.
    Think you should make a video on how one can operate the boom hios

  49. Isaac says:

    My tecno j8 gets very hot when I use it for like 15-20mins, sometimes gets show and unresponsive and eventually reboots automatically, what could be the problem? I have also realised that the battery runs down very fast meanwhile I have used it for just like 2months. Any help here?

    1. Ogunrinu Sola says:

      May be u buy Shinko phone. Am using it currently and it doesn’t get hot

  50. Emmanuel says:

    Hey boom has problem with network connection

  51. Emmanuel says:

    My boom j8 has problem with internet connection especially opening apps like WhatsApp but when I open browser like Mozilla it opens properly but all other apps it never opens what should I do with it

  52. natha says:

    @Jayboy shr is way way right, battery is madly slow ti charge,unless u re using a Samsung 6/7 edge charger i knw wht am sayin, but the ba3 life when fully charged is beyond expectation, superb !!!

  53. me says:

    worst phone ever…am actually going to sell mine…poorest network connection….

  54. mack says:

    Hello friends I have the j8 it’s really a nice phone but having problem with my battery how can I get a new battery tried online booking but nun. Was over charged which led to the spoiling. Need ur help friends

  55. Anonymous says:

    Why does it not have cast screen feature like the c8

  56. Karen says:

    Whao!I just love the cool head phone that comes along with it.

  57. Abba Shehu Abubakar says:

    Comment Text*pls, where can I get it in Kano ?

  58. Murphberry says:

    J8 is a very nice phone and tecno has managed to fixed most of the bugs in it but the only turn off for me is the Android version… 5.1 lollipop is a big turn off and also not being able to move apps to Sd Card…

  59. Jones says:

    no offence..but how do i turn on the 4g network on this device..any help

  60. Anonymous says:

    Been using the BOOM j8 doe a month now but there something i dont understand , i cant use my BBM and Facebook app on it had to go trough the browser, its give connection error but if i use someones WiFi to log in i would be able to use it , could it be phone issue or network. am just confused and

  61. YINKA says:

    Been using the BOOM j8 doe a month now but there something i dont understand , i cant use my BBM and Facebook app on it had to go trough the browser, its give connection error but if i use someones WiFi to log in i would be able to use it , could it be phone issue or network. am just confused and

    1. Earnest says:

      Having the same issue here.. Even my WhatsApp and Instagram is also having the same problems. Please help

      1. Daniproxy says:

        Go to the Hi Manager, under data management, and allow data for all social media apps you use. It’s not a problem with the phone, rather an attempt by the phone to help save your data. Cheers

  62. Anonymous says:

    why is that when uploading pictures is not really clear as compared to what you have snapped…any idea pls

  63. kelechi says:

    The device is nice but the battery is not. The battery doesn’t last the 3000mah is a lie and fake. And now my phone is having problem with browsing. I have enough data but it’s not browsing

    1. Daniproxy says:

      I use a boom J8 and the battery to me remains the most fascinating thing about the phone. As for the browsing issue, kindly go to the Hi Manager and allow data for all browsers/apps you use.

  64. Mystic says:

    Battery discharges 1% every 4 min with just data on and browsing. Pls is that normal seeing that the phone is less than a day old. I charged fully before use and I updated ones

  65. Starry says:

    Tobi I love ur reviews… The sleek design and the 4G LTE are what i love abt the phone.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Nothing so good about Boom J8. It heats up so much after talking for a few minutes. Even just on facebooking or tweeting the J8 raidiates a lot of heat. Even Y6 was much better a phone!
      Wabwire F

      1. Wabwire F says:

        Nothing so good about Boom J8. It heats up so much after talking for a few minutes. Even just on facebooking or tweeting the J8 raidiates a lot of heat. Even Y6 was much better a phone!

  66. John says:

    My j8 boom player sound quality changes drastically each time I adjust the volume especially when the volume is reduced. Could this be because I always get a notification that says “lossless BT device not found” Please how do I fix this?

  67. Cooper says:

    I loved the sandpaper back cover the very first time i saw the J8. Can it be bought from Phone shops within lagos?

  68. Adesina says:

    I planned to get the phone for myself, but I’m beginning to change my mind because I found out that the camera has no setting tab. @misstechy..pls could you post a screenshot of the basic camera settings available on the Boom j8? Thanks in advance.

  69. teejaysupa says:

    When the battery is 100% charged and u are browsing continuously on 3G for instance …It lasts for how many hours..Just got mine and I think d battery drops quite fast…Like 1% every 4mins… Tho it charges very fast too..Please reply… Thanks.

  70. joydaddi says:

    pls I want to. know whether the pulsating light goes off when it’s fully charged or remains on?

  71. Christian says:

    Nice observations and descriptions…but currently I am having issues with my hotspot and Bluetooth when I turn them on from d drop down background or through the settings. They don’t come on again even when the blue light indication is showing on the icon. This has really been giving me concern, and I would wish to know how to go about solving this problem.

  72. Saleem anwat says:

    I want panel tecno boom j8..anyone contact me no…0304010582

  73. Thanks for this review… its a very nice one, especially as it is coming from a lady

  74. Nice review Misstechy, Keep up the good work.
    A phone like this will be good for the New Official Pes 2018 game 

  75. Meinky says:

    no marshmallow update in 2018 ! sad !!

  76. Fatimah says:

    How wil I locate d OTG settings because I have been trying to do so for days now

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