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Game Of Thrones Fans,See Siri's Answers To "Is Jon Snow Dead?"

If you can’t wait until the 24th of April to catch spoilers, how about asking Siri the most asked rumored spoiler for Season 6. Is Jon Snow Dead?
Well, you won’t get straight answers to “Is Jon Snow dead?” from Siri, what you would get as spotted by Kerry Washington are sassy answers that prove that Siri is definitely a Game of thrones fan. See her replies below:
Like you’ve guessed,  it is useless asking the same question using Cortana or Google. They don’t think for themselves.
One more reason Siri is BAE.


3 comments on “Game Of Thrones Fans,See Siri's Answers To "Is Jon Snow Dead?"

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    I’m a fan of GOT too, but I wouldn’t be surprise if John Snow died, that series has broken my heart many times but I’d still pick them up & move on with the movie.

    1. Titi says:

      A fan too.. Siri is BAE for me any time any day. That is one of the reasons I picked iphone over any Android device

  2. Nick says:

    No GOTH for me until I’m done with NSP.

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