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Can't Stand Donald Trump? This Game Developer Wants You To Fire Dildos At Him

[corner-ad id=1]Cruel! But in the developer’s words:

I am chilled to the core watching Trump’s rise in popularity and working on this was cathartic for me. I hope it brings a lighthearted moment to anyone also suffering from dread in these troubling times.

Yes, he is a billionaire and a Republican candidate for the office of President of the United States, but that’s not a pass to be a jerk at any or all times. To remedy that, someone wants you to shoot dildos at his head and reminisce the times he said or did something that made you lose it.
The game is called Drumpulous and it is available for both Windows and Mac, no mobile version, yet. In the game, you get to see a moving Drumpf  (aka Trump) and a dildo shooter that is in your control. Your objective is to fire as many dildos as possible at him. You can even see the effect of your firing through the split-screen view that shows the action from different angles.
Yes, I’d admit that playing Drumpulous for more than 20 minutes can be boring, but it gets to show you that a lot of techies can’t stand Donald Trump and what he represents.


4 comments on “Can't Stand Donald Trump? This Game Developer Wants You To Fire Dildos At Him

  1. Lol nice post great gif

  2. Covenant Oyetade says:

    Oh! Really! That’s great! Not funny, though.

  3. feranmi says:

    lol. people really hate this guy

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