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For Those Who Have Been Rejected, Here Is A Lesson From A Techie

I believe that we all have been rejected at one point in our lives, at least, I have. So what do you do when rejection happens? Do you hide back in your shell or get right back up again?
Meet Brian Acton, the one-time Facebook reject I read about some years back. I remembered his story when I thought about giving up.
image (1)
After being rejected by Facebook.

…And Twitter

Brian didn’t allow that dissuade him from his goals. Instead, he tried again and together with a colleague they created something phenomenal – they created Whatsapp!
Fast forward to 2014,  the same company that rejected him announced that they were buying Whatsapp for a jaw-dropping $19 billion – the most Facebook had ever paid for a startup, making Acton $3 billion richer.  The irony!
Now imagine if he got the opportunity to work at Facebook, I can bet that nobody would have remembered his name, save his colleagues at work. But Brian’s story teaches us the significance of not giving up after a rejection.
The truth is if you quit trying, your fears will come true, but if you keep trying, good things can happen, sooner or later, the odds can pile up in your favor.
Final words: Anytime you get to the point of giving up just remember Brian, the man that got rejected for a 6-figure job only to get a 10-figure payout four years later.


10 comments on “For Those Who Have Been Rejected, Here Is A Lesson From A Techie

  1. Covenant Oyetade says:

    Now , this is more than a Sunday sermon. Very inspiring, touching and soul-lifting. I’ll definitely save this in my Pocket.
    Lesson learnt: Never say never. And don’t ever give up on your dreams.

  2. Noni says:

    There’s nothing to say that the rejection by Facebook and Twitter would have stopped him being a part of a WhatsApp. I still remember an article a few years ago about a rubbish collector who left his job to become a full time app developer.
    Everyone’s road is different, but the only person stopping anyone from pursuing their dreams is themselves.

    1. Titi says:

      Lol people who work for Facebook or this big companies face it squarely it is their live. So trust me they won’t have the chance for something extra .. I am basing this on answers from quora. Why do you think most of them always leave their company to create their own startup?

      1. Titi says:

        Reading it again.. I get your point. But there are some times that rejection gears you up to do something for yourself. If he wasn’t rejected he might not have been moved to find something he could. Call his own

  3. KingAbsolute says:

    I’m inspired by Acton’s story, in everything in life, its not advisable to give up, keep trying & working hard, one day will be your jubilation day.

  4. zita obeta says:

    Never give up
    Once there is life, there must surely be a way

  5. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:


    1. Anonymous says:

      It wasn’t bringing in what Facebook would have brought

  6. says:

    Nice and Inspiring article.

  7. The article was so touching at the same time Motivating, Many people don’t just know that there is always a reward for patience and struggle, I will never forget that..thanks alot for the information

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