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Introducing The Gionee P5 Mini

With more than eighteen phones to its name, epoch-making mobile phone manufacturer and one-time holder of the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s slimmest Smartphone, Gionee, is introducing another device to the Nigerian market. The Gionee P5 mini is the new definition and epitome of simplicity and style. It has got everything you need in today’s definition of a Smartphone and a little more. The look and feel, the camera and the sound music are among many reasons you should look forward to this phone. The look and feel of the Gionee p5 mini make it hard to hide. You will get attached to this phone long before you own it. It will also take you with its colours.
gionee p5 mini
The Smartphone camera has been a trademark of the Gionee brand. The P5 mini flaunts a 5-megapixel rear camera with an autofocus LED flashlight that delivers images that are finer than real life. The 2-megapixel selfie camera is enhanced with a state of the art feature for auto face beauty and DIY adjustment. Those who want their music loud also want it crystal clear and this is what the P5 mini stands for. It also accompanies music audios with images that resonate with the sound, colouring these moments. It is a good idea to make some noise once in a while. The Gionee P5 mini allows you to enjoy smart power consumption. It lets you unlock your phone in style with your own facial expression. Whether you want to select colours from the rear and front cameras to display on your phone and simulate the wonders of camouflage and the chameleon or you want to tell everyone how you feel by creating a mood card from a plethora of colours, images and templates, then share with the world, the Gionee P5 mini is the phone.
Gionee p5 mini 2
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Based on the specs, you should expect this to be really affordable.
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6 comments on “Introducing The Gionee P5 Mini

  1. Bimentalco says:

    Bat3….. So small! Downside

  2. Joshua says:

    15k bad screen size, poor display , lil bit other low side is the battery even with the small screen it looks to small to power the phone a while, poor ram(there are phones with 6gb ram these day) , poor internal memory (lots with 128gb plus expandable)
    its an OK phone for those that way a simple Android smart phone, I I’d rather opt for m3mini though, than this

  3. zita obeta says:

    it’s way too simple and the battery is not encouraging

  4. Dharn says:

    My ish is the battery. Even though its a low end device, it shouldn’t come to Nigeria with a battery capacity below 2000 mah

  5. felix says:

    Poor display, poor battery capacity small screen size for me.. I’ll just pass

  6. KingAbsolute says:

    As the name implies, P5 MINI, I expected the specs to be like that and the phone quite affordable.

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