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When Tech Meets Health: Doctor's Business Cards Should Have This Feature

Every day we get to see the same old business cards being handed out, but the truth is, after receiving these cards, most of us don’t usually go back to check them out.
Now imagine having a business card that will make people want to check it out every now and then, I’d say, shut up and take my money! Meet the company that did just that – MobileECG, a health company that specializes in heart rate related products. In a bid to ensure they leave a lasting impression on the minds of their consumers and to also bring attention to their products, they created a business card that comes with a working heart rate monitor built into it.
The Business card uses two conductive finger pads to measure the electrical currents generated by the muscles in the heart. Even though the card say it’s not quite accurate enough to be used to diagnose a heart problem, we all know that any doctor that hands this out as a business card has won them over already.

For those planning on creating one,  the company was  kind enough to post its source code on Github along with the schematics, but be warned, it might cost around $29 once it’s mass produced.
Really expensive right?! But you know what they say about a very sweet soup 😉


3 comments on “When Tech Meets Health: Doctor's Business Cards Should Have This Feature

  1. KingAbsolute_ says:

    Sweet soup na money make am! Really nice for a business card & it’ll attract customers too.

  2. Bodexowen says:

    Errr…..Hope the Biz.Card no dey shock person??¿¿

  3. Covenant Oyetade says:

    Nice one. It’s beautiful, attractive,and brilliant! But, $26.00?! *coughing*
    That’s brilliant, too.

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