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Between Etisalat And A Fan

Thanks to social media we can connect with anyone regarding their status. Yesterday, a fan took to Twitter to berate one of the top Telcos in Nigeria – Etisalat.
Etisalat sent out a tweet in line with their Geek Hour hashtag  meant to help people solve any problems they have –  See the tweet below:
However, this user had something to say about it.

It is no news that GLO users can modify their IMEI number to Blackberry’s which is way cheaper.
However, based on Etisalat’s impressive performance, which would you rather pick? The ability to change your IMEI to blackberry’s, but in return, you get a very slow data performance or leave things the way they are and enjoy a fast performance. 

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13 comments on “Between Etisalat And A Fan

  1. Bodexowen says:

    Mehn that was funny ooo….did Etisalat leave any response?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hehehe the boy is vexing

  3. Rapheal says:

    Lol, what was etisalat’s response to the question?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hehe they didn’t have a response to that.

  4. U^2H says:

    Mehn.. That was some real stuff he said.. But I I never knew etisalt didn’t allow such

  5. KingAbsolute says:

    Lmaooo, that guy has no chill

  6. The guy just revealed an open secrete… I hope don’t block it for us sha.. By the way I’d go with Glo and changing IMEI

  7. Covenant Oyetade says:

    I did that too, a couple of months back. I discovered it works well on Jelly Bean OS’s. Only that it can be very slow! One won’t be able to browse anything from 6PM till around 11PM. It can be very frustrating. But, 3GB for 1k on Glo was quite sweet! Just change the IMEI and you are good to go.

  8. lol Tobi Of Misstechy Please I would Love to ask u a question
    How Did U Get This Amount Of Traffic To Ur Blog within 1 year
    What’s Is Your Traffic Source
    plz kindly reply me

    1. kaybang says:

      it’s simple really. She’s awesome!! And she uses awesome GIFs on her articles like no other blog does. So…..there u go 🙂

  9. kasy says:

    Funny, but didn’t I no that etisalet blocks imei tweaking.

  10. Samm says:

    Telcos don’t have nothing to do with your phone’s imei, that’s between you and your phone..
    What Etisalat does is not block imei changing but prevent u from using bb plan on your Android…

  11. yudy says:

    The guy burst etisalat cc brain with that comment.

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