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The Gionee M5 Mini: One Week On The Table

There is a difference between the phone about to be launched and one that has been bought. Before launch, a phone can be a bit too proud and boastful but after spending one week with its buyer, it will be more humble and sincere. The about-to-be-launched phone can hide behind glossy images, flowery language and the reputation of the maker but the phone in hand cannot. Instead, it has a load of expectations and promises to meet. This is why this article is coming one week after its launch.
gionee m5 mini 2
For first impressions of the Gionee M5 mini, you will be attracted to its amazing look, its magical feel and its sound performance but as the days go, you will come to revere the extreme battery. The 22hours of music and 18hours of talk time quoted by its makers are modest estimations of the phone’s actual potentials. It can do much more. Despite its extreme battery power, the Gionee M5 mini has got a smart power function that optimizes power usage. When you switch to extreme mode, only the vitals of the phone are left on. This conserves power and brings battery consumption to a standstill. The Gionee M5 mini can charge other phones, making it a unique solution provider in times that matter accompanied with all the bragging rights.
gionee m5 mini
Instead of one window in another window in a horizontal stack pattern, it employs a uniquely animated cascade where one window rolls into the other in an unending loop of ease and delight. After you take a picture you may not only share and edit – you can also geo-tag, encrypt or resize the megapixels to suit the purpose. You can annotate these pictures in a variety of colours and styles, making the phone a little Photoshop. Game lovers will quickly fall in love with this piece of hardware for its super sensitive to both touch and geography.
You will always be proud to pull out your Gionee M5 mini to make calls or save contacts. You will find yourself holding it even when it is not in use. The Gionee M5 mini is exotic enough – it will quickly replace other phones in its pay grade. For phones that are clearly in its senior class, the Gionee M5 mini holds a joker of its amazing battery power. The best time to purchase a new phone is one week after, when it has got nothing to hide.


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8 comments on “The Gionee M5 Mini: One Week On The Table

  1. Anonymous says:

    the only layoff for me is d fact dat the phone is using an old chipset 32-bit and old mali 400 gpu.*not buying*

  2. Ose Oshodin says:

    the only layoff for me is d fact dat the phone is using an old chipset 32-bit and old mali 400 gpu.*not buying*

  3. Those specs aren’t attractive the battery life is good tough but checkout huwaei p8 click my name for specs now.The Appearance of this device is great.

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  5. The specification is not bad for the Gionee M5 mini..

  6. bombi says:

    What sort of half baked article is this na???

  7. kaybang says:

    i like dis phone.. And i don’t know why. O Lawd! Whatswrong with me?? 🙁

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