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This What Happens When You Boil An iPhone With Crayons

Sigh. The title of the video is “Do not boil an iPhone 6s in Crayons.” Dude?! Why would we want to boil an expensive iPhone in crayons if we are not deranged!
iphone boiling
So a popular Youtuber (Techrax) grew tired of his iPhone and since he had no one else to give because he is a lonely, lonely man, decided to boil it in crayons.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect anything less than  total destruction, the boiling crayons even started a fire.
iphone was
I just sat down there watching him like:
What shall it profit a man who boils an expensive iPhone for a few thousand subscribers? These people got me thinking that they probably use a Chinese iPhone for these experiments.
iphone 3
Let me conclude with what Techrax said  “Please, don’t EVER try something like this. If you thought the Coca-Cola accident was crazy, crayons took it to another level.”


9 comments on “This What Happens When You Boil An iPhone With Crayons

  1. Elijahayo says:

    MissTechy pls show us what happens when you boil infinix zero3 with Crayons (color red).. Thanks

  2. Stiiz says:

    Lol…this guy again. MissTechy I’ve been following his page on YouTube for a while, he’s a rich kid, and a tech junkie too. He’s always doing weird stuff to iPhones (dunno maybe he just hates Apple Inc. Or Steve Jobs used to pursue him in his sleep), like when he used a brand new chainsaw to saw off an iPhone 6. I really doubt he uses fake iPhones, cause I knw for a fact that this guy is rich. *Sigh* I hope the ghost of Steve Jobs haunts him for this…Imagine…a beautiful chacha iPhone 6s ??? ???

    1. lol…That’s what i call youtube ethics.

    2. Noni says:

      In his defence it was a 16GB 6S ?

  3. KingAbsolute says:

    This guy is crazy, he should help someone with it, even a random person.
    Excess wealth makes one act differently, including acting weird like Techrax.

  4. Covenant Oyetade says:

    This guy needs a PA and a Special Adviser on Tech Matters. Otherwise, he’s going to blow himself up someday soon.

  5. felix says:

    That guy needs a very hard spank on the brain!!! Such a childish play, with an expencive device… Infact thats a phone abuse.. Abah”

  6. micheal adeniji says:

    Chai…this pple tho

  7. tobiiii says:

    Beht why would I even think of boiling an iPhone 6s in crayon???? Steve jobs better appear to this guy in his dream

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