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A Telco Gave Out Unlimited Data For A Day, So The Customers Used Over 1 Terabyte of Data

Who else thinks that 1 TB of data in a day is small?

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The gist here is an Australian telecommunications company – Telstra had an outage and in order to make amends, they gave their mobile customers a day(Sunday) of free unlimited data.


Telco – Telstra

Now, the part that got me shaking my head was when the company said that it amassed  a total of 1,841 terabytes of data during the free data period which is equivalent to 5.1 million episodes of Game Of Thrones, or 23 million downloaded copies of Kanye West’s new The Life Of Pablo album.
One user claim they downloaded 421 gigabytes of data

However, even if 1TB seems like a lot – 1000 Gigabyte is equivalent to 1 Terabyte – I can’t help feeling that they could have done more, say 500 TB. In another school of thought, maybe Telstra don’t have a large subsriber base.
Just imagine for one moment that MTN declares this in Nigeria.


11 comments on “A Telco Gave Out Unlimited Data For A Day, So The Customers Used Over 1 Terabyte of Data

  1. Bodexowen says:

    Yess oo misstechy “that moment when MTN or GLO declares this” Australians will know that Nigerians are in for big data business**lol* but seriously the company tried ooo that ample data for free?

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    MTN customers will use more than 3 Terabytes, trust Nigerians.

  3. Michael Effiong says:

    MTN give free Data?? Unlimited?? If that Telco was in Nigeria they would have shut down by now because I personally will use 500GB.

  4. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    … Well, I hope such will not happen in Nigeria o. Because am sure, the telco outfit will drag me to EFCC. Even with my personal money, Airtel data called to caution me that am using too much data…

  5. Nice one telsra… Come Nigeria nah!
    But MTN has unlimited paid data for sale. Monthly or weekly… Excellent speeds!
    Airtel also has the hourly plans unlimited data….day and night versions…. But so slow!
    See, when we have an abundance of anything, we abuse it the first few days, afterwards, we get used to it and it becomes normal.. If u have free data or unlimited data, u will spend one week downloading, on the 2nd week, ur download needs will reduce. Trust me.. I have been there several years.. I have been browsing unlimited for over 2years now.

    1. Stiiz says:

      My brother in the Lord, pls shed more light on how you’ve been downloading unlimited for over 2yrs and which MTN plan gives affordable unlimited plans

  6. Ehis says:

    nobody go use better with our slow network in this country at<1MB per second. using 5gb in one week is a chore on mtn n NB tis the fastest around where I stay

  7. U^2 says:

    Hehehe keep dreaming..i cant even imagine MTN giving everybody free unlimited browsing 4 a day…What!! U want mak dem craze??

  8. lordseb says:

    someone said Nigerians will use above 5TB guy u dey play, naija pple go use minimum of 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 gb, Abi u wan make we bet?

  9. felix says:

    Hehehe(I reserve my thoughts)… Sha its just an imagination.

  10. Adaobi says:

    Only 1TB? Rather small. Oh well, Naija for don finish market, e go do them like film trick when internet go finish…

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