App Crush Monday: This Android/iOS Game Made Me Lose It.

Aaarrrghh!!!  Have you ever found a game so engrossing that you either forget to go to sleep or couldn’t tear yourself away? Well, I have, this game you are about to meet possessed my mind, body and spirit!
I don’t know whether to blame it on the action-packed puzzles or the fact that I get to use special powers that are cool as hell, but what I do know is that “Heroes Reborn: Enigma” got me feeling some type of way.
Remember Heroes, the series – with great characters like the Petrelli family, Sylar, and oh my God! Hiro Nakamura? Well, Heroes Reborn Enigma is a prequel to the new Heroes series!
In the game, you get to play the 14-year-old Dahlia; a girl with special abilities who finds herself and her sister trapped in a quarry –  a lab for  “special” people.
By special abilities, I mean the ability to fling objects around the room or rip grates off the wall.
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The villain here is Trevor Mason, He uses your sister as a bait to get you into using your abilities to accomplish a series of tests he will use for his evil plans
However, as you progress, you discover that you not only have telekinetic abilities, but you can slow time and jump 6 years into the future. you also realize how evil Trevor’s plans are. So your aim is to get yourself and your sister out of the facility alive.
Of course, we know that won’t be easy!
I can’t remember how many times I was tempted to check for a cheat on YouTube or dump the game only to go back to it after several minutes.
All I know is, this game made me lose it.
Even though this is a paid app, those with no cash to spare can Google “Heroes Reborn Enigma apk.”
The only thing I didn’t like about the game was the way it ended. After I finally got out of the facility (It took me 32 levels) I was so excited to see if I would use my powers in the real world and then… final credits
The first thing I said was, “No way, this couldn’t be the end?” but sadly, it was. But, goodness me! Heroes Reborn: Enigma rocked my world for the short time I played it,  hence the reason it deserves to be crowned the app crush of this week!
By the way, I almost gave up on ACM because of the reception I was getting, but thanks to people who sent me emails/comments requesting for it to stay alive #Appreciate.


11 comments on “App Crush Monday: This Android/iOS Game Made Me Lose It.

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    From the graphics you can tell its an interesting game, hope to find & try it out too.
    Not like someone’s mom riding to heaven typa game.

  2. Bodexowen says:

    Okay, a nice one tho but hope it isn’t an online game sha?

  3. U^2 says:

    Lol.. Get to use her power in d outside world?? This game sweet u O.

  4. black pope says:

    Pls can u help with a reliable LINK…

  5. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    … Well, good for those who will like it, as for me, once its not ⚽ soccer game, it may take eternity for me to play it…

  6. black pope says:

    Pls can u help with a reliable link

    1. ayomikun says:

      Check not sure if they have this game but u can download games free there

  7. lordseb says:

    If you need a game that you’ll play forever without getting tired of it play the Sims 3 on pc or the Sims freeplay for smartphone, it’s a simulation game and very addictive, it also has no end( open-ended)

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