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What Would You Be Willing To Give Up For The Internet, Take This Test To Find Out

Update: A blast from the past.

The Internet has been integrated into all aspects of our lives; to some people, this integration has become an extreme addiction, to others a moderate addiction, whichever addiction level you fall in, there are some things you’d be willing to give up for the Internet and its ecosystem. 

Do you care to find out? Then take this 3 minutes test to gauge your relationship with the Internet. Honesty is key here, so try not to lie. After taking the test, see my results below 

P.S.: The poll below works better on chrome +after clicking, it will automatically load the next question:

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That was fun yeah?
See the results below:

1. If you selected Free internet over food What is wrong with you???? You want to die because of Internet! SMH *Internet Addict alert*
2. If you selected eating baby food over liking your exes picture I have no words for you .. you proud internet user…pfft
3. If you selected having stomach pain to  going without The Internet for a year GUY, GIRL, BABE, ANYTHING YOU ARE………….YOU NEED DELIVERANCE…… WHAT???!!!!
5. If you selected having a longer lasting battery over lasting longer in bed X_X I have no comments.
6. If you selected SEX over POOP…   You need cane, as a matter of fact, I’d track you down and beat the hell out of you.. YOU PERVERT.. lol
7. If you selected having Yoruba accent cos you want to be using spell check forever.  I *servere *  my comments.. you this OLODO
8. If you selected one of your naked picture sent to your colleagues over Breaking a leg -___- Why would you put your nudes on your freaking phone. Okay, I understand.. you just selected that answer without thinking.. that should better be it!
9. If you selected going to stay in Village because you value your social media presence on Facebook, Nairaland, Twitter, Instagram etc. GUY, you are the REAL MVP.. Social addict aye.. Tuwale!!!
10 If you’ve selected having  the whole photos on your phone sent to your parents than your search history This only means one thing, YOU NEED TO QUIT WATCHING PORN!!! is as simple as that!!

Tell me, what did you give up for the Internet?


19 comments on “What Would You Be Willing To Give Up For The Internet, Take This Test To Find Out

    1. MissTechy says:

      Wow Thank you bona9ja… you just made my day

      1. Kelvin says:

        I chose lasting longer in bed over battery with longer life..
        Reason is because I have powerbanks for my battery 🙂

        1. MissTechy says:

          LOOL.. i refuse to comment..

        2. sijibomi says:

          I chose my phone's battery lasting twice as long.
          Reason is because I already last long in bed. Lol

          1. Kelvin says:

            Hmmmmm…..Like how may seconds 😀

          2. MissTechy says:

            GHOST MODE X_X

  1. sijibomi says:

    Yes, I selected almost all of the above. Crucify me!

    1. MissTechy says:

      LOOL.. you are a porn addict… nice!

      1. sijibomi says:

        I didn't say so ooo. Thank God I wrote "almost". Lol

  2. kayode says:

    Lool this test tho …thumbs up misstechy

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Thank you kayode

  3. Mako007 says:

    Hehehe, I'm so bookmarking this blog.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Awww thank you Emmanuel .. *dancing shoki*

  4. Sir Stevoe says:

    This is really creative! ?

  5. felix says:

    I give no6 and 7 over the internet

  6. moses dzarmah says:

    lol..people will always criticize you for every action you take,
    so i’d prefer to choose all the options above to please myself not others

  7. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Misstechy happy Anniversary
    I selected free internet over food but my own internet must have blazing speed of 250mb/s
    I really hope to meet you again been praying for u ma

  8. Ose Oshodin says:

    I prefer MYSPACE only over staying in the village for a year.

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