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Guys! Kanye West Used To Be A Tech Blogger

Who would have thought?
Asides singing and ranting on Twitter, Kanye West had another talent – He was a tech blogger, his website – – talked about design and technology.

kanye west blog

Kanye West Blog via Internet Archive

Unfortunately, the website is no longer active, but thanks to the Internet archive, you can catch a glimpse of his tech world before fame and fortune took it away.
kanye west website
His website was active from 2007-2008 and as seen from the images, his focal point was on gadgets, design and tech in general, although, after a while he added entertainment to it.
Kanye West has always been a techie to me, but I would never have believed him to be a tech blogger.
Now, the question is, would he have been successful as a Tech blogger?


10 comments on “Guys! Kanye West Used To Be A Tech Blogger

  1. felix says:

    I think he’s better of a singer.. Had no idea kanye was once a blogger

  2. 50 Shades says:

    No app crush Monday?

  3. KingAbsolute says:

    Maybe he would have been but certainly won’t be if he come across Kim in his techie life.

  4. micheal adeniji says:

    Maybe not… Music is his calling

  5. Larry Frank says:

    Lol, It’s funny, Never knew Kanye was a blogger too. I prefer the Kayne singer tho

  6. kaybang says:

    he would have been just as crappy a tech blogger as he is a fashion designer.
    Music is his sh*t. #Yeezus

    1. kaybang says:

      have u seen some of his runway lines?? They’re just downright AWFULL!! Samne thing with his sneakers(2 Chainz designed betta sneakers dan him). Only dose glasses (d one he used in “stronger” & “gold digger” videos) he made were good. Thank God he quit tech blogging & focused on his music #Yeezus

  7. kayne is better of as a musician, but maybe Tech blogging is not his passion,

  8. Grace Joseph says:

    Who would’ve thought right? wouldn’t have guessed he was also once a blogger. Looks like he finally found what he was cut out for, but who knows, he would’ve still excelled as a blogger.

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