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16 Million People In Nigeria Visit Facebook Every Month

16 million people out of the 186 million+ people in Nigeria (Source: Worldometers) visit Facebook every month!
Now that’s a lot!
The not so surprising fact is 100%  of them are from mobile, not even 0.0001% access via desktop! Meanwhile, 7.2 million Nigerians visit Facebook daily
According to Nunu Ntshingila, Head of Africa for Facebook

“This is the year we deepen our partnerships with Nigerian businesses. We’re committed to Nigeria, and during this visit we shared insights with our business and agency partners on how to deliver personalised marketing, at scale, where people are – on their mobile phone. We want to make sure Nigeria – its people, its agencies and its businesses – realise the opportunity that technology and mobile bring.
We know the mobile platform people use the most in Nigeria is Facebook and up to 77% of Nigerians on Facebook use their mobile device to discover new products and services. Nigerians are sophisticated mobile users and this sophistication is increaseing fast – people are ahead of businesses, and we’re here to help businesses create mobile-first solutions to grow their business.”

These figures show that Nigeria is steadily becoming a mobile-only market, the figures will also help digital marketing managers target better on Facebook (No more desktop targeting).
Meanwhile, are you part of the millions that visit Facebook monthly?


17 comments on “16 Million People In Nigeria Visit Facebook Every Month

  1. peterjero says:

    I used desktop ? to access my Facebook account yesterday, even though there’s a Facebook app on my phone, so the desktop I used yesterday doesn’t count?

    1. rotimi says:

      Hmm true though. Didn’t think about it

    2. Businessman says:

      Its not even 100%, its 97%. A lot of bloggers are saying 100% while the original report says 97% mobile users.

  2. rotimi says:

    Now singing t. I. Dead and gone ? ? .. Facebook is old school to. Me.. Twitter is the way the truth and the life.

  3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    … Well, the Facebook app slows down android phones’ speed by at least 15%. Although, its easier to access, but you can enjoy a 15% speed boost by Uninstalling it and accessing it through chrome or Mozilla…

  4. KingAbsolute says:

    I’m guessing 10million of them are kids below 20 years cuz Nigerian Facebook timeline is boring & full of stale gist

  5. Felix says:

    Fb is beta than twitter@ obadara

    1. Joshua says:

      bot necessarily, it depends on what one likes

  6. if i am to choose Twitter is more fun these days than boring facebook

  7. Joshua says:

    that’s interesting #team Twitter

  8. Kingsley says:

    Facebook is the best it has more fun than twitter. I prefer Facebook to twitter

  9. kizzy says:

    Both Facebook and twitter are good. But come to think of it, Twitter is the best.

  10. medialive says:

    Hmm thats a true though. Didn’t think about it

  11. freshnija says:

    Its not even 100 percent, its 97%. A lot of bloggers are saying 100% while the original report says 97% mobile users.

  12. Pascal says:

    Twitter is the best

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