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Go Facebook, It's Your Birthday: Facebook Turns 12

Facebook has proven how powerful a connected world can be and for better or worse, we all have examples of how Facebook won our hearts. So it is with great joy that I wish the Social media giant which started as an experiment (a Harvard’s Hot or Not), but has become something most people can’t do without a happy birthday.


Facebook 12 Years Anniversary

Thank you Facebook for secretly allowing me check out my blind date/crush, for those days, you reminded me of a distant friend’s birthday, for making me laugh out loud especially when I come across my old pictures X_X and for bringing Twitter to life.

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Meanwhile, Zuckerberg posted on Facebook asking users to celebrate Facebook’s 12th anniversary as ‘friendship day’. He said:
On February 4, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating #friendsday — a moment to celebrate the friendships that have made a difference in your life.”
Facebook users will also be able to see their own Friends Day video above their News Feed

We don’t know if Facebook will still be kicking in ten years, but whatever comes next could not have happened without it.


9 comments on “Go Facebook, It's Your Birthday: Facebook Turns 12

  1. prime says:

    yeah… not on facebook. yeesh.
    in other news.. my infinix note 2 ba3 lasts only a day o with 3g on thruout sha. is this normal?? kinda expected 2days ish. whadiyu think??

    1. Anonymous says:

      Have you installed the
      required updates ?

      1. prime says:

        installed 2 or so. the 3rd that ll ve allowed one handed mode kept downloadin to 300%. so didnt bother retrying.
        ive changed imei without rooting. ll tryin to update not crash d phone??

        1. Anonymous says:

          Try re calibrating your phone then , maybe you didnt charge it after unboxing. But what you should do is allow your battery die then charge it to 100%

          1. prime says:

            will try d charging thingy asap. thanks.

          2. Anonymous says:

            you welcome

  2. felix says:

    Happy birthday FB.. U guys have been keeping your game strong

  3. kasy says:

    Wow, didn’t know that Miss techy infact yesterday was my Birthday too.

  4. Joshua says:

    hbd to facebook # hardwork pays

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