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When You Work For Google, You Think Like Google: This Googler Created Something Really Cool!

Max Braun doesn’t just work for Google, he also thinks like Google – this is why he deserves a “Be like bill” meme. (If you want to know how to create yours, leave a comment  )
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Okay back to the gist, Max Braun created a smart bathroom mirror of his own, just like the ones you see in the movies, because …….why not?! He used a display panel, a two-way mirror, a control board, and various other supplies to create his magic mirror.
Even though this idea isn’t novel, Max’s mirror seems to be the most elegant one yet.


Max Braun – Smart Mirror

He wanted the mirror to function like the future promised in movies and since he wasn’t able to buy one, he created one himself using some simple APIs including one for the Associated Press, and one for Forecast.


The mirror updates automatically and will show the weather anytime he wakes up to shave.Did I mention the mirror responds to voice search? Yes, it does! Like how cool is that?
Braun is looking to add other capabilities like traffic updates, reminders and any other subject that works with Google Now.
Who wants to be like Max?


10 comments on “When You Work For Google, You Think Like Google: This Googler Created Something Really Cool!

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    Amazing, innovative.

  2. felix says:

    I wonder who would work with google and still lack the ability to think(sighs worriedly)

  3. Uche says:

    Miss Techy, I need your help on something.
    I use the Opera Mini browser on my android phone and the Chrome, but Opera Mini is my primary browser. I use it mostly because I can subscribe to RSS feeds, and that is the only way I love to keep up with new posts on blogs. A lot of features couldn’t work on the Opera browser like the ‘Love It’ feature on BellaNaija comments. To ‘Love’ a comment I had to be using Chrome. Recently I updated the Opera Mini and the amazing feeds I love can no longer be subscribed to through here. I could also now ‘Love’ comments from here. Any idea how I can fix this and keep subscribing to feeds on amazing and blog.

  4. PhanSamuel says:

    Hm he really does think like google

  5. Anonymous says:

    seriously this is creativity I love,

  6. Sir Stevoe says:

    Wow!!! Really cool. I wanna be like Max for real. My smart mirror loading… Hehehe

  7. Joshua says:

    really innovative

  8. Raymond says:

    Amazing stuff
    Email me how to make a “be like bill” meme

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