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You Won't Believe How Much Google Gave The Man That Briefly Owned

Where was I when Sammay Ved bought the Google domain name for just $12?!
Remember when I introduced you to the man that briefly owned for a measly sum? Google gave him a financial reward, but no figures were disclosed then. Based on a recent article published here, we now know how many dollars Sammay Ved got for his $12. 
Security Rewards 2015
Google paid Sammay Ved $6,006.13. Try turning the figure upside down – Genius!! However, after they found out that Ved was donating the money to charity, they were inspired to double the amount!
Some Nigerian brothers will be like:
Google also said it will be dedicating one million dollars specifically for security research related to Google Drive, so if you know how to find bugs, start finding them now so that we can both share the reward!


6 comments on “You Won't Believe How Much Google Gave The Man That Briefly Owned

    1. Anonymous says:

      nothing sweet in thia one. This is painful.

  1. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    … No one forced him to sell. He decided to and he’s paid for it. Donating to charity is the sweetest of this story. He has done noble…

  2. micheal adeniji says:


  3. Uche says:

    Google has always been smart! Paying someone the equivalent of goog.le is pretty badass!

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