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Guess The Tech Company That Used One Of 2015's Worst Passwords On Its App?

Hint 1: They make phones and laptops
Hint 2: They have a very useful app which I greatly recommend.
If you couldn’t guess from the hints, take this, :p
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Okay, smarty pants that guessed right, Lenovo used one of 2015’s worst passwords on its app, (Someone should have shown them this post). ShareIT, an app that allows file sharing between your PC and Phone (It uses a hotspot that has an unchangeable default password) was hacked thanks to the blunder they committed.
According to Core Security, Lenovo used password 12345678, the number 3 most stupid password of 2015.
What this means is that anyone could connect to your hotspot using that password and view any files sent with the ShareIt app. By the way, you can not change the default password.
Although Lenovo made a terrible blunder, which in my opinion is now nominated as one the Tech fails of 2016, Q1, they have been able to resolve this flaw in the latest ShareIT update, so ensure you download the latest version.


3 comments on “Guess The Tech Company That Used One Of 2015's Worst Passwords On Its App?

  1. Anonymous says:

    So misstechy between lenovo laptop and dell laptop which is berra?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lenovo despite their blunders have very strong and powerful laptops. As a matter of fact, Lenovo is one of the biggest players in the laptop market.

  2. FELIX says:

    Lol. Talking about stupid password. I remember i once used 12345abcde as my facebook password.. Chaii, thank God for advancement.

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