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How Possible? ISIS Affilate Cyber Caliphate Announces Plans To Hack Google

Can Google be hacked? Is the question of the day
google_logoAccording to International terrorism watchdog group Terror Monitor, the ISIS “cyber army” has announced plans to hack Google. Below is the tweet/image purportedly released to announce the plan.

Terror Monitor says that Cyber Caliphate is planning a whole new hacking team dedicated to hacking Google called Google Hacking Team (They should have consulted Google before they spelt their Islamic, though). Based on failed hack threats, this should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt.
Now that ISIS Affiliate Cyber Caliphate has gained the media attention, can they move on to another thing?
Now back to the question of the day, Can Google be hacked?


9 comments on “How Possible? ISIS Affilate Cyber Caliphate Announces Plans To Hack Google

  1. micheal adeniji says:

    Empty threat… Hell No

  2. felix says:

    Google, like is a website. And beleive me to my best knowledge,(stand to be corrected though) i dont think websites can be hacked.they can only be visited. But if what isis mean is google’s data base, i would say this. Google has some of the smartest programmers working with them. This is my point.’s data base was built by men not gods. So if isis have got some extra smart programmers on their team, i think they could pull the stunt.(hack googles database)

  3. felix says:

    So my answer is yes. But Only if their team smokes programmes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes but almost impossible. Every technology has a breach

  5. Hope says:

    Google was built by humans which means it can also be hacked by humans.
    Google needs to take things slowly this time if they push it further they may land in a deep hole.
    “Defend yourself first and calculate the enemy’s weakness”

  6. Kaybang says:

    i mean, what r dey going to do if/when dey hack google?? Start uploading beheading videos on youtube? Or start their own youtube channel? Or dash us money?? Or what??

  7. NAB says:

    If and only if they have members working with Google….

  8. NAB says:

    Comment Text*If and only if they have members working with Google….

  9. Jdy says:

    Nothing is Impossible,but do yo think Google is Like NGN Govt that do not take threat serious?

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