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That Moment The InnJoo Fire Plus And The Infinix Zero 3 Are In The Same Price Bracket

Remember the InnJo Fire Plus – the N27,000+ Smartphone? Well, It is now N46,440 on Jumia!
The funny thing is, I recently bought it for the winner of the MissTechy giveaway for N27,600 and like magic it has gone up, my InnJoo contacts are blaming the high dollar rate for the recent developments.
So, if you are planning on getting a device, you should better do it asap, before the dollar rates affect them.
That N47,000 price tag, though.
Thanks, Mr. Kay for this tip.


11 comments on “That Moment The InnJoo Fire Plus And The Infinix Zero 3 Are In The Same Price Bracket

  1. Kay says:

    But the margin on Innjoo products are darn too much. Imagine halo selling for the price of infinix hot 2 (2GB) .
    Infinix raised their prices as well though.
    Note 2 (2GB) is now 40k as opposed to 35k
    Which way naija. 🙁

  2. prime says:

    hmmmm aaaabeeegg o. na to go buy device before d end of dis week o. choi.

  3. Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

    Infinix Zero 3 don climb N53K. So annoying. Abeg I’m chilling to see if the price drops biko. N46K to N53K is just three much

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Yudala (offline) sold theirs for N48,500

  4. Vicko says:

    God help us #dollar should come down ooo

  5. FELIX says:

    Lol.. I had seen it earlier b4 but i took it for a joke, cause it deserves to be a joke. I mean like seriously? Innjoo fire plus @47k? Such an expensive joke @dollar…

  6. KyLe West says:

    Brace up guys……it’s bound tog et worse according to prophesy….my pain now is….how I wish the 32gb infinix zero 3 was available…..*sigh*

  7. KyLe West says:


  8. micheal adeniji says:

    Lol.. .. Juss observing.. ..

  9. Joshua says:

    wow, i thought Is play seeing camon c8 going for 37K, this is really crazy #Smh and observing

  10. Seriously !!!!! Nawa oooo where is naija Taking us to???????

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