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Tech Billionaire & Africa's Billionaire Join Forces To Save Nigeria, Again.

I am sure you’ve been seeing pictures of Bill Gates,  President Buhari and Dangote.
No, he isn’t paying a courtesy visit.
Bill Gates will be joining forces with Africa’s richest man in a mission to save 11 million children in Northern Nigeria.


Bill Gates And Dangote

The mission will be funded with a total pledge of $100m from both parties.
According to Bill Gates:

“For every child who dies there are four to five children who survived and yet because of malnutrition they never developed physically and mentally, and so the key resource of Nigeria which is its young population and the incredible capabilities that can be unleashed from all those people is greatly damaged if we don’t solve malnutrition.


Bill Gates And Dangote

The $100m scheme will use local group in north-west and north-east to achieve its objectives and is expected to last even beyond 2020. Also, Bill Gates and Dangote will work closely with the government, private sector and civil societies to fortify staple foods with essential micro-nutrients.
Bill Gates and Dangote have previously worked together on a polio eradication program that ensured Nigeria was taken off the global list of endemic countries.
Given that track record, this new project is bound to be a success.


6 comments on “Tech Billionaire & Africa's Billionaire Join Forces To Save Nigeria, Again.

  1. FELIX says:

    Hmmm.. God bless them.

  2. God speed people!
    God speed… I still DE wait for something similar to happen in d east or west!

  3. KyLe West says:

    People wih pure hearts. No matter how rich they become……they still remember others…..

  4. micheal adeniji says:

    Bravo. .. Nice one Dangote.. U’re a true Nigerian..

  5. Joshua says:

    that’s really awesome if they can pull it off

  6. KingAbsolute says:

    Rich with a good heart, not like those politicians.

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