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App Crush Monday: This App Will Clone The Content On One Phone To Another Without Any Hassle

Yayy!! It is another App Crush Monday!
This app is for those who love changing phones regularly. We know how excruciating transferring files from one phone to the other can be, now it doesn’t have to be thanks to the app you are about to meet.(This app is for android to android, to iOS, just download the official Move to iOS app). Meet CloneIT, the one-stop app for all your transfer needs, By the way, I have used so many great apps like Super backup, but this one has everything under one umbrella!
How? With CloneIT, you get to transfer everything!! And by everything I mean your apps, videos, call logs, contacts, messages and what have you from one phone to the other.
So how do you go about this? Simple! Just download and install the CLONEit app on both Android devices, it is about 4MB in size. Once you done installing, launch the app and get ready to be impressed.
The next thing you should do is to enable the option to install apps from unknown sources on the receiver device.
Now click sender on the device that is sending and receiver on the device that is receiving. The phone will act as a sender and automatically start a hotspot without the need for an internet connection.The receiver should see the sender phone’s name in the phone radar. Just tap and confirm the phone icon to initiate the transfer.
After all that, you will be asked to select the things you want to transfer, you also have the option of selecting it manually.
And that is all my friends, just reboot the device and you just successfully transferred your files to your new phone without  breaking a sweat, totally badass!
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11 comments on “App Crush Monday: This App Will Clone The Content On One Phone To Another Without Any Hassle

  1. OBÁDÁRÀ says:

    …Very good! Simple made Easy! Am going to be using this tomorrow…

  2. KyLe West says:

    Ahah…Infinix zero 3….I see u!!….lol

  3. KyLe West says:

    Ahah….Infinix zero 3….I see u!….lolz

  4. this really cool, misstechy i like the way you post this helpful apps,this be handly now that am thinking of changing my device

  5. FELIX says:

    Nice app… Zero3 sucks

    1. Anonymous says:

      Why did you say so

      1. FELIX says:

        Its a very nice phone no doubt.. Massive ram, good camera quality(just to name a few) all the zero brands always have this over heating problem, and the zero3 is not an exception.. But if that dosen’t bother u, then u can recommend or go for the zero3.. Its just the overheating problem that sucks about the phone…

  6. KingAbsolute says:

    Oh mehn! I overlike √√√√√

  7. lordseb says:

    it’s not cool na, it’s the same thing with xender and flashshare

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      No it isn’t because Xender or Flashare can’t clone your messages, call logs or contacts.

  8. micheal adeniji says:

    Cool.. .easy to use

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