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This Witch Says She Can Remove Any Virus From Your Computers

It’s time to exorcise these demons called virus
Are you having difficulties wiping off viruses from your PC? This witch you are about to meet claims she can remove them without stress.
For real!
Meet Reverend Joey Talley, a Wiccan and ordained minister in California that can help remove any kind of viruses. She does this using a number of techniques ranging from casting spells, burning sage around the computer to placing various stones near the device.
In an interview with Motherboard,  Joey Talley explains how the viruses are akin to ghosts or demons:

Think of demons as entities—they eat, they absorb energy, and they want to be fed. Computers are a vast store of electromagnetic energy, as well as messages. Sometimes when a demon is in a computer system, it’s just like a roach in a kitchen. It just eats and stays out of the way. But some demons are working for someone’s who’s trying to hurt you, and those are the really hard ones.

Talley explains that companies in the Bay area are afraid to approach her that is why she majorly deals with individuals who are ready to pay $200 per hour!! (That is the fee she charges).


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The funny thing is  she has her fair share of visitors!
Let’s see if this will start a trend with African witches.


11 comments on “This Witch Says She Can Remove Any Virus From Your Computers

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    African witches will do negative things with their own powers. Lmao, funny story, hard to believe.

  2. judithblog says:

    Lolz.this story sef just dey funny me.

  3. prime says:

    in other news….please im confused on which to buy….note 2 or gionee s plus or marathon m5. please help.

  4. osinbajor says:

    How are you doing
    I am a spiritual man if you are sick of any virus

  5. Sadiq says:

    Werey! She needs to go to computer school

  6. Samm says:

    Misstechy, were you at computer village today?
    I think I saw you..
    Wearing a red gown..

  7. FELIX says:

    Nice1 sha.. But i’m not comfortable with the witch word

  8. Kaybang says:


  9. hmm let me go me to my haba lawo for villa make to collect my own

  10. Oj_Ina says:

    if any African witch nears my computer… I promise to use my laptop to pop her brain out

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