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These Chinese Guys Have No Chill, Meet The iPhone 7

All hail our Chinese brothers!!
Even though the iPhone 7 has not been launched, our Chinese brothers have probably consulted with Tim Cook to find out what the iPhone 7 might look like. One company – GooApple- has listed the specifications. Meet the iPhone 7 clone – The GooApple i7.
GooApple is a company who make it their business to merge Google’s Android OS with the design of Apple’s latest iPhones.
When it comes to specifications, you have a deca-core processor, the new MediaTek Helio P10, a whopping 4GB RAM and a 256GB internal memory, YES YOU READ RIGHT!  It comes with a 16MP rear camera and a battery capacity of 3100mAh that supports fast charge. The device will run Android Marshmallow with an iOS 9 UI.
That 256GB internal memory, though. So who will be willing to buy this?


14 comments on “These Chinese Guys Have No Chill, Meet The iPhone 7

  1. zita obeta says:

    If it’s not iphone it can’t be iPhone but the specs are impressive

  2. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    I will buy it just for one reason…the internal memory. It will act as my media consumption and storage device. Miss techy pls any info if the device will hit naija market?

  3. KingAbsolute says:

    That spongebob picture tho, lmao!
    I can buy it for the internal memory, but cant flaunt it among people that use iPhone.

  4. micheal adeniji says:

    The internal memory tho.. . It’s OK 4 me..

  5. Olokodana Akintunde says:

    The internal memory ?

  6. showiz says:

    wow!!! that internal memory tho

  7. Abdul Abdul says:

    Every1 is all about the internal memory…… 256GB….Damn!!!

  8. Joshua says:

    would buy for ram and internal memory… impressive specs, but as said earlier, no matter it’s a clone and looks like it, it just ain’t an iPhone…

  9. FELIX says:

    Great specs as always

  10. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    …Its a good spec sheet,especially the ram and the inbuilt memory. BTW, has anyone tried ios launcher on android? Its always bam. I’ve been using i launcher…

  11. Drizzy Drake says:

    ??na una sabi

  12. KyLe West says:

    |Doesnt look real…be careful…….by the way, why cant apple sue this type pf company instead of suing samsung?

  13. Ekeh George-Benson says:

    Pls i would love to get this device. Pls let me know when it enters 9ja or how i can get it abeg. Needed urgently. Thanks

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