You Can Now Run Android On Your Windows PC Using Jide's Remix OS

Who else thought that the Jide in question is a Yoruba man? I did! But it is actually co-founded by 3 ex-Googlers who look nothing like Yoruba men.
Jide’s Remix OS is a forked version of Android (Remix OS 2.0 is based on Android Lollipop 5.1) that can run on Windows, it is what the Chrome OS should have been.
The Remix OS looks a lot more like Windows than it does Android, for one, you have your start menu,
You can swipe in from the right side to view your notification tray. Most importantly, you can run android apps on your Windows PC – from Instagram to Microsoft Word to Facebook to Modern Combat 5 everything works well with the Remix OS.


Remix Mini GIF

To enjoy the experience of having an Android on your laptop, just head over to their website and download the system image using this link, it is about 692MB in size. The website says it is compatible with “most computers in the world powered by x86 chipsets,” and it seems to require a 64-bit CPU.
You can either run it using a USB stick (You’ll need at least an 8GB USB 3.0 flash drive with a recommended write speed of 20MB/s along with a PC with a “USB legacy” boot option.) or make a permanent partition on your computer.
Like I said, this is what the Chrome OS should have been.


14 comments on “You Can Now Run Android On Your Windows PC Using Jide's Remix OS

  1. Bkk says:

    from Obi to Jide and maybe Tobi

  2. showiz says:

    have you tried this..i think i saw this at trade fair yesterday

  3. FELIX says:

    Pls @misstechy, is there anyway i can turn on the home button light on infinix hot note?(its really giving me worries)

  4. Joshua says:

    nope, you’ll get used to it, their aren’t home button lights on the hot note , once you get used to it, it won’t be a problem

  5. Joshua says:

    nice one, it’s Like an emulator

  6. Dr jab says:

    I’ve already partitioned my hard drive for. Ubuntu now I want to partition it for jide. Maybe I should just get a USB instead. The crazy things tech makes us do…… Anyways I totally agree with you, the only reason I’m not using a chrome powered laptop now is that, stand alone “off internet” apps are not available and it’s no recluse that in a country like Nigeria, it would make for a very insipid experience. So JIDE, here I come, funny that that’s my name too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I saw a detailed step by step to install the Remix 2.0 here

  8. tolu says:

    Miss techy how you dey now I actually stumbled on your reviews on YouTube and your one of the reasons why I bought the Infinix Note2 (big baby)…… Almost all the games on playstore are now online its so frustrating after the whole extra data sturvz…. I need you to please upload links of offline games that makes sense

      1. tolu says:

        Muaaaahh…… Tainz so mush yur sush a darlings

  9. tolu says:

    Miss techy opioid Ejo naw

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Try for all your gaming needs

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