App Crush Monday: This App Will Allow You Control Your Laptop With Your Phone

Since we can control the TV with a remote, how about controlling  PCs with our phones? The app you will be meeting shortly gave me a tech orgasm back then and can still make my heart skip a beat.

Ladies and Gents, I present, the Unified Remote App for iOS & Android.

With this app, you can control almost everything on your PC (Windows & Mac) using your Smartphones!

How to control your laptop with your phone

Step 1: You will need to download the Unified remote via Android or iOS
Step 2: Install the server app on your Windows PC or Mac (or both) by clicking on this link. (It is just 25mb in size)
Step 3: Ensure your PC and Mobile are connected to the same WiFi or Bluetooth. Open the app, it will scan for servers and connect to one automatically.
STEP 4: Be prepared for a tech orgasm!!

With the Unified Remote, you can control your PC’s mouse using your phone

unified remote 2

You can also type using your phone!


If you need to present something using power-point, not to worry, Unified remote has your back, just use your phone to navigate.


What is a remote if you can’t restart, shutdown, log off, lock, sleep and hibernate your laptop?


Did I mention you can also increase or decrease the volume of your PC? Oh yes, you can!



You can pause, play, rewind and control your VLC or inbuilt media player. Guys, there is even a way to control Netflix and Youtube!


There is also a remote screen viewer which mirrors your laptop on your phone, with this, you can know what anyone is doing on your laptop.


There is a remote file manager that allows you see what the files on your PC

Unified Remote also has a widget that gives you a quick access to your favorite controls.


Honestly, all that I have mentioned is a tip of what the Unified Remote offers, there are so many functions that will leave you SPEECHLESS!!


The  best part about my app crush Monday is that you don’t have to be close to your PC to control it, I tried controlling my PC and I could still perform all the aforementioned functions from a not so far distance. Like how cool is that????


This app has found a way to conquer my heart and sweep me off my feet at the same time.


10 comments on “App Crush Monday: This App Will Allow You Control Your Laptop With Your Phone

  1. judithblog says:

    Nice one.nice app.good discovery from u misstechy

  2. Joshua says:

    truly impressive app

  3. FELIX says:

    “Wow”…..(i’ll leave my mouth open for 5mins)

  4. Supreme says:

    Does it require internet connection?

  5. Supreme says:

    And download link?

    1. KingAbsolute says:

      Read the post again. There are links there.

  6. KingAbsolute says:

    Sooooooooooooo cool.

  7. this is really cool, so with just an app, I can this so much task with my smart phone to control my PC.
    I just can’t wait to have an app that cook for me.

  8. Kaybang says:

    *sighs* came(pun intended) here expecting to see how many people had an orgasm using the app. Oh well…

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