Infinix Zero 3 Specs And Unboxing

The much-publicized device from Infinix Mobile is finally here and as always, I am super excited. Before I show you what the Infinix Zero 3 has to offer, how about I take you through the unboxing.
…But first, the specs:



  • 3G: HSDPA 900 /1900/ 2100
  • 4G: LTE
  • SIM Type: Dual SIM; Micro SIM
  • OS: Android Lollipop 5.1 with XUI
    Display: 5.5-inch, 1080 x 1920 pixels (400 PPI), Full HD, touchscreen, Gorilla Glass 3
    Sensors: Accelerometer, Proximity


  • Processor Type: 64bit Octa-Core 2.0 GHz CPU
  • Processor Name: Mediatek Helio X10
  • Graphics Processor: PowerVR G6200
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Internal Storage: 16GB/32GB
  • External Storage: MicroSD card up to 128GB


  • Rear: 20.7 MP with Sony IMX230 CMOS sensors, dual-colour LED flash, Slow Motion
  • Video recording: 4k
  • Front-facing: 5 megapixels with LED flash


  • GPS: Yes
  • USB: microUSB v2.0; USB On-The-Go


  • Charging:: Fast Charge
  • Battery: Non-removable Li-Ion 3030 mAh



The Infinix Zero 3 comes in a black textured box.

 note 3 iiunboxing

The back give u a brief specs overview.
note 3 3unboxing


When you open the box, you get to see the 3GB beast neatly wrapped in a transparent nylon.
note 3 4unboxing
The nylon got me feeling this type of way ?
On the nylon, you get to see some useful information about the SIM card placement, etcetera
note 3 8unboxing


The second compartment contains your everyday accessories which include a plastic-like back cover and a SIM tray ejector, the only thing missing is the earphones. (I think this is a new trend with Infinix mobile).
note 3unboxing
I loved the way Infinix changed their charger game,  they just went gangster on the charger, very unique!
NOTE 3 misstechy
You have 2 wall chargers, one power adapter and a USB cable – you will need to key in the adapter to the wall charger.
note 3 5unboxing
The back cover also fits perfectly on the  Zero 3.
infinix note 3 specs


To those of you feeling this way, ?be calm 🙂
download (7)


When you first meet this dude, you will immediately see its 5.5-inch display that comes with a non-removable back cover and battery.
note 3 6 6unboxing
The Zero 3’s behind (that sounds wrong) has a glassy textured back and  stainless steel frame.
note 3 7 7unboxing
Meanwhile, the Zero 3 has a gorilla glass protection. (I am thinking of doing a durability test, what do you think?)
note 3 2 2unboxing
Another thing you will notice when holding the Zero 3 is its lightness and slimness. Let’s not forget the large bezels.

?loosen up my buttons?

The Zero 3 has nice button placement that is quite easy to use. We have the volume and power button with a Micro SD card slot placed on the right side
note 3 4 4unboxing
While the Dual Micro Sim card slot is placed on the left.
note 3 1unboxing


The first hole is your earphone jack placed on the top.
note 3 5 5unboxing
The second is the USB charging port
note 3 9unboxing
Lastly, the third hole is the Hi-Fi speaker placed at the back of the Infinix Zero 3.
note 3 11unboxing


One of the major selling points of the Infinix Zero 3 is the camera, in Falz’s voice,
download (6)The Zero 3’s camera is neatly placed on the left-hand side of the Infinix Zero 3  alongside the dual flash lens.
note 3 7 8unboxing
Meanwhile, the front camera is placed on the left-hand side of the Zero 3. The front flash is placed on the right-hand side. While the notification sensor is placed in the center, above the in-ear speaker. Yes, the notification sensor is really tinynote 3 specs misstechy

?No one man should have all that power?

To whet your appetite, here are some things I noticed when powering up the device,

1. Despite choosing Nigeria, I still had another language displayed.
2.This can be fixed by going to your settings, click on the globe icon(something similar to the one below, but in red), select the first item you see and look for English. Voila!
mercator2 (1)
3. Lollipop is the name, by the way, has anyone tried playing the lollipop game? I still can’t get any score 🙁
4. The Zero 3 has an okay display when it comes to color saturation , I used it indoors for the unboxing and the result was very nice. In the full review, I will take a look at the display under sunlight.
NOTE 3 unboxing misstechy
5. I got 2 updates minutes after powering on my device.
Based on my first impression and the fact that this is a N46,000 device, you should expect an interesting review!
That is all I can take, by the way,  what do you expect to see in the full review? Let me know in the comment box.


56 comments on “Infinix Zero 3 Specs And Unboxing

  1. Desmond says:

    U said it hs an okay display, Buh i thgt infinix gv it a 1080p screen wif a 400ppi pixel density? Well no p. I just want u to check out d camera bcus ve bn anticipating dat ever since.thanks

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    ♪♪♪the way you unbox, the way you unbox, I’ve never seen a *** like that♪♪♪
    You make me wanna get the phone sharp sharp, amazing specs but a bit expensive, compare to alike phones

  3. gori says:

    Misstechy your unboxing is dope. Props up to infinix for producing this good phone.

  4. Elly says:

    Hahaha i have tried playing that lollipop game on my Hot 2…the thing alwayz jumps too high

  5. omanemoses says:

    I ain’t impressed with this phone at all. The specs are OK but its just another there zero phone. I would have expected them to wait till march before releasing this phone and maybe added a finger print scanner. Infinix are now taking on tecno strategy of releasing phones to the market every 2 months. Expect more from them next time.

  6. judithblog says:

    Nice review and nice spec.i trust infinix.but this one they brought our 20mp now,i wonder what next camera spec they will un vail….3omp i guess

  7. KyLe West says:

    Miss Techy…it’s not 46k. It’s actually 55-60k according to those sellers in konga. Nice unboxing by the way! N Happy Sunday

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      They are third party sellers who add their own profit margins. it would be advisable to go to slot or yudala. Happy sunday to you too and thanks ?

      1. anonymous says:

        It’s even 61k in slot

  8. KyLe West says:

    For some1 not living in Lagos….dat’ll be Haaaaard! Anyway….Pls pls…when it comes to the review…pls don’t let it be a case of better ‘late than never’ but instead better ‘earliest’ than late…lol. Thanks and d few suggestions I’d like to add when you are making d review is uhm —’pls make a snapshot of the file manager, I want to knw the exact internal memory the user can use’…..and then can you confirm if the memory slot supports up to 128gb capacity cos am about getting a 128gb sd card. (I am a memory freak when it comes to phones, I just love memory so much it hurts….lol)

  9. micheal adeniji says:

    Wow… Can’t wait 2 see the full review..

  10. Lewis Daniel says:

    Why don’t I like that phone, I believe it’s mainly gonna be a paper specs phone (if you know what I mean) ,it looks boring and finally, it’s 5.5 inches, jeez that’s too much.

  11. Samm says:

    For the Lollipop game, do this..
    Go to Settings > Developer Options. Scroll down to locate Animation duration scale.
    Change the value to Animation scale 10x.
    Press the power button to lock your phone, then unlock.
    Try the game now, it should be playable.
    Animations will become slow and this is the only way to actually make anything out of this Android Lollipop hidden game. Don’t forget to change the Animation duration scale back to 1x when you’re done.

  12. Samm says:

    BTW, The charger style isn’t new, it’s the same as the ZERO 2 charger..

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Oh didn’t realize that. Haven’t used the Zero 2, thanks for the update and tip

  13. prime says:

    decisions, decisions, decisions. Now do i get this or note 2 2gig ram? im kinda a freak for clear screens buh money is also a factor.
    sha thanks tobi lee

  14. Anonymous says:

    jesus!!!!! no video?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Expect that next week, 🙂 This is just an unboxing

      1. showiz says:

        ok thanks

  15. FELIX says:

    Nice1 though. Well in the full review, i expect to see an extensive camera comparison. And secondly, i would love to know if the phone gets hot on 3g mode or during charging… All the zero products always have this overheating problem.. Lemme know if zero3 is exceptional

  16. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Ok first of i like the way dey placed memory card slot away from the d dual sim card slot. Thats wonderful usually other devices pair sim and memory slot together but this is new. Now that lollipop game is as annoying and addictive as flappybird game. This device isnnice 3gig ram is ok but i think they should ve taken it to hot note 2 too. 1 gig on hot note 2 is old and outdated. Nice post toby.

  17. Nabil says:

    The front camera…is it like zero 2 or better the wide angle on zero 2 was very good…

  18. Olasunkanmi says:

    Bien composé miss techy….haba! infinix so we should spend extra money to get a good earpiece and probably a pouch? Too bad

  19. Michael Effiong says:

    One of the best Infinix devices. Thumbs up Misstechy.

  20. Michael Effiong says:

    Hi Misstechy, is it possible for a game to run on a phone which ram is smaller than the game itself?

  21. Aliyu Adamu says:

    Meanwhile I praise your detailed explanation on this posts , I know people will love it…..keep it up….miss techy

  22. Gravity says:

    Am a big fan of infinix zero their design are gorgeously unique but for the gorgeous infinix zero 3 the virtual button build inside the screen is a problem and now my question goes like this. Can the virtual button be set invisible just like the note 2 virtual button?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Yes it can, there is an option in the settings that will do just that.

      1. Gravity says:

        Another question is infinix zero 3 body build in glass just like my infinix zero 1?

  23. Victory says:

    Actually if you don’t want to slow down the animation on your phone to play the lollipop game, the secret is not to tap the screen for too long. Just a single fast tap will do. I’ve done this and my high score is 8.

  24. rough coin says:

    is infinix zero 3 body build in glass just like my
    infinix zero 1??????????????????????????

  25. rough coin says:

    is infinix zero 3 body build in glass just like my
    infinix zero 1??????????????????????????

  26. rough coin says:

    is infinix zero 3 body build in glass just like my
    infinix zero 1??????????????????????????

  27. rough coin says:

    is infinix zero 3 body build in glass just like my
    infinix zero ONE ?????????????????????????

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Apologies for the late reply, it has a glassy textured back.

  28. Anonymous says:

    How much is your infinite

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I didn’t pay for mine, it is a review unit

  29. Biam Sylvanus says:

    Thanks Tobi, for the blog post. Can you please confirm if the phone has the following:
    1. A magnetometer (to support compass installation). You can know it by test-installing any magnetic compass from play store, then see if it works on the device. 2. If it features face unlock
    3. Font manager
    4. Themes…

  30. FELIX says:

    I’m very dissapointed @ infinix. Why cant they just fix this over heating problem in their zero products!… Now despite the great specs that the zero3 possess, it still gets hot wen its on charge/wen its charging therby, making the battry to drain faster than expected… Sorry to say this, but i think the phone sucks.

  31. Biam Sylvanus says:

    Tobi you haven’t answered me…

  32. theLoolpie says:

    I can’t wait …. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . Videoooooo. ↪↪↪↪

  33. alex says:

    Do you have any drop test review to determine whether it can work after falling on a concrete floor?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      No I don’t Alex, but I could do an inhouse test to try it out.

      1. alex says:

        okay. I would be glad to know how it will behave on drop test

  34. Infinix says:

    Loving the phone already, but the only problem with the infinix zero series is too much bezel and why on finger print scanner? Just expected a 64gb version.

  35. Vincent says:

    it comes with a transparent rubber case of it own, right?

  36. Ahmed says:

    I wanna to know the disadvantage for this phone ?!
    I want to buy it, but I’m afraid about quality..
    If any body pay for this phone . please feedback here
    Thanks a lot

    1. Titi says:

      Hi Ahmed,
      A friend bought the phone last week and I have had the chance to play with it for a while, first thing I noticed, like MissTechy did, is the fact that the Zero 3 can get warm and even enter the hot benchmark if you use it a lot, like 3g while playing games and all, also, the sound is okay averagely okay. Lastly, the bad side of the Zero 3 is it might be fragile, i.e. the screen might crack upon heavy fall.

      1. Ahmed says:

        thanks a lot 🙂

  37. wale ade says:

    Does it come wit earpiece….nd hw many charger is dere

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      As seen in the unboxing pictures, it doesnt, you have 1 charger with 2 different adapters.

  38. Ajawuihe Victor says:

    I regret buying this phone, my battery barely goes 6hrs.
    The so called headphone is not in the market, the phone heats up easily.
    Now I know why its cheap.

  39. Miles says:

    The device is Amazinq especially the 8MP frontCam. What’s up this hybrid sim stuff?

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