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What Does Your Phone Say About You As A Person?

You know how a person’s room can say a lot about them and their personality? It appears that your phone can also say a lot about your personality in general. Let me rephrase that, if your phone could talk, what would it say about you?
Take this quiz below to find out
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Unfortunately, I got Social media queen.  What did you get?


12 comments on “What Does Your Phone Say About You As A Person?

  1. No!!! I am not a Vampire!!!
    I won’t play such game again
    What the…??

  2. hehe, i don’t even understand the game at all, nice one, people that can play , let their reault.

  3. DY says:

    I got social media queen too

  4. Gabriel says:

    What i got?
    IDGAF, It’s Just A Phone
    Thats what I got…

  5. Ehis says:

    Fake… Not tailored correctly

  6. Raymond says:

    Social media queen??

  7. Xtopher says:

    First time to comment, got Organisational Freak

  8. sphinx says:

    Social Media Queen???

  9. Utchayy says:

    IDGAF, it’s just a phone. LoL
    The phone done tire me set.

  10. Joshua says:

    .IDGAF its just a phone

  11. Lewis Daniel says:

    I got “Are You A Vampire ”
    No am not ???

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