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It Has Started!!! Etisalat Becomes The First To Offer Netflix Package In Nigeria, N400 For 2hours

He predicted it (Shoutout to Kaybang) and it came to pass. Within hours of launching Netflix in Nigeria, Etisalat has quickly launched their Netflix package called VideoPak streaming service.


Netflix package

According to Etisalat, with just N400 you can stream movies on Netflix for 2 hours only. To activate, Just dial*229*3*5#.
Not bad. At least, this will set the benchmark for other telcos!
Now Netflix and Chill just got interesting
This package has been in existence for long, the creative used was just changed to market the Netflix package.


18 comments on “It Has Started!!! Etisalat Becomes The First To Offer Netflix Package In Nigeria, N400 For 2hours

  1. Michael Effiong says:

    Hmm that’s cool.

  2. KyLe West says:

    Please….sorry to be so old. What is netflix? What does it do?

    1. Samm says:

      Netflix is an ‘on-demand’ provider of popular movies and TV shows which you can stream instantly. You get to watch the movies and TV shows instantly instead of downloading them to watch later.
      With Netflix, you actually demand for what you want to watch instead of having to wait till go on air

      1. KyLe West says:

        Thanks a lot bro. That really Helped…..

      2. KingAbsolute says:

        Thanks for the explanation, you helped me too.

    2. showiz says:

      netflix is a movie streaming can cathc up to latest episodes of season films or reality shows with it

  3. Abdul Abdul says:

    Nice one etisalat

  4. etisalat quick to catch the train,but how can nitflex beat thean selling movies on CD on the street for 150 naira and people patronize them,
    and how good is speed of networks for streaming,
    I hope etisalat have thought of all this, before jumping

    1. prime says:

      …..not only selling movies, downloadin them from badass sites. aint that one of d reasonsfor bb nd androids popularity??

  5. Noni says:

    N400 for 2 hours of Netflix???? Is that watching cartoons, cos 2 hours is nothing. I pass until something better comes along. Plus the Etisalat network isn’t great everywhere.

  6. Kaybang says:

    Already?? Damn that was quick! Some people having been reading 🙂
    the hours(2hrs) seem small but its just #400 so… What the hell?? 🙂 🙂
    as 4 me, I say… Good Start!! And i feel Noni’s complaint about this, but that’s what we get 4 having sh*tty internet services in this part of the world.
    Oh…and does etisalat know the meaning of “Netflix and Chill”?? #WeirdAd :-\

  7. Joshua says:

    2 hrs is a joke though is worth lil. or nothing to me, good start though pray they improve by a lot # team Magic Ip

  8. FELIX says:

    Very good step by etisalat

  9. micheal adeniji says:

    Dancing shoki.. . Nice one Etisalat.. .

  10. chukwuma Okereke says:

    Lol… . It’s too expensive

  11. Alin Kaduna says:

    Owk etisalat, that’s good and a fast 1 indeed. Meanwhile, I’ll be here sitting jejely waiting for Airtel to respond in kind having it mind to be even more cheaper……… Abeg airtel no dissappoint me.

  12. Gabriel says:

    Let me know when GLO NG release their netflix plans. Etis is trash. Hard to find network in most areas.
    Also: When will MTN Ng drop their Data plans prices?

  13. showiz says:

    2hs for 400 is BS

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