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Netflix Launches In Africa!!

It is with great joy in my heart that I announce the launch of the most popular subscription-based Internet streaming media service provider in Africa!
According to Netflix CEO via Forbes:

“Today, I am delighted to announce that while we have been here on stage at CES, we switched Netflix in Azerbaijan, in Vietnam, in India, in Nigeria, in Poland, in Russia, in Saudi Arabia, in Singapore, in South Korea, in Turkey, in Indonesia, and in 130 new countries,” said Hastings.

Netflix’s entry is bound to garner a warm reception especially with the popularity of the term Netflix and Chill on social media.
The only downside to Netflix’s entry to the Africa market is  the lack of excellent broadband infrastructure and the high cost of internet mobile data, but with MTN’s unlimited data subscription, you are good to go!


15 comments on “Netflix Launches In Africa!!

  1. prime says:

    mtns unlimited ke??

  2. Raymond says:

    This is exactly what people need to be shouting out abt…
    Unto netflix levels

  3. FELIX says:

    Woa mtn unlimited data?(sounds interesting to me

  4. omanemoses says:

    first it was spotify and now netflix we are expecting more.

  5. Kaybang says:

    Ok. Now people can “literally” mean it when they say “Netflix and Chill”.
    Also i hope they’ve got plans on making Original Content Programming for us so as to save us from the “feacal matter” that is Nollywood TV. Amen

  6. Abdul Abdul says:

    Perfect……..Have been waiting and now it’s happening……. Can’t wait when it is CW’s turn

  7. micheal adeniji says:

    At last. So happy

  8. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Mtn unlimited data? Miss techy can u rephrase that line again pls.

  9. Kelvin Ogwu says:

    I really don’t know why Nigerians get too excited whenever a new product launches in the country. We get our hopes high and they end up disappointing us.
    That was how we were screaming “Xiaomi” “Xiaomi”. Now that they entered , wetin happen?
    Well , Netflix launching in Nigeria is a good thing. At least , those who don’t stream Nollywood now have an option. But they’ve got serious work to do. Because based on my observation , Nigerians tend to download foreign movies than stream online. + don’t expect iRoko to sitback and fold their arms.
    This is interesting……

    1. Kaybang says:

      hmm.. Really interesting points.
      One ? though. Do u see ISPs offering NETFLIX data bundles or stuff like that? Cus i think that’ll catch on with Nigerians. Seeing stuff like “MTN NETFLIX bundle with unlimited free streaming of ur favourite movies/TV shows” is something i won’t pass up no matter the cost.

      1. Kelvin Ogwu says:

        Yes , you’re right. Such kind of offer is really tempting.
        This is Something iRoko should have done long ago 🙁

        1. Kaybang says:

          true that. But were people really interested in iRoko that much?? I liked what they were doing tbh & infact they even had a deal with Netflix(if i remember right) for supply of Nollywood movies(or something like that).
          I just feel like where they lost and missed an opportunity was them not creating Original Content like said Netflix did. Even EbonyLife Tv on DSTV managed to do that even though their shows are nonsense, but @ least the production values are good. That helped iRoko SOOOO MUCH 🙁

  10. Kaybang says:

    That would’ve helped*

  11. Joshua says:

    ya it would, interesting…

  12. Alin Kaduna says:

    Netflix coming to Nigeria i see it as a blessing to Airtel/Etsalat and a curse to iroko & ibaka them.

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